Re-visiting The Temple

Pic from Flickr by healthy lunch ideas

On May 27th of last year, I wrote a post that was simply titled The Temple. You can read that post here.

I received a few complaints in the comments section because of this paragraph:
“When you say grace over a meal, you are technically inviting Jesus to come and dine with you and bless the food received on the table. I am not sure that God is glorified with pre-processed foods like Cheetos and Oreos. I am not sure that God is glorified when I drink more soda than water.”

Some people tried to use the verse in Acts when God tells Peter to not call anything that God made unclean. Here is the problem I have. I never did that. Why? God did not make Cheetos and Oreos. God did not make soda. Man did. 

God did not, has not, and will not make pre-processed foods. God did not intend on us eating artificial and chemical ingredients that were put into a pretty little plastic package that we call food.

Because the Bible calls your body the temple of the Holy Spirit, I believe that you are responsible for what you put in it. 

Obesity is a plague in the United States. Obesity kills more Americans each year and leads to other diseases that are diet based. We are eating what is fast, cheap, and chemically processed in a factory and it is killing us. 
After searching through the Bible and watching documentaries such as Forks Over Knives, I am a firm believer that God did not create us to have Twinkies, Moon Pies, Pop Tarts, and Mountain Dew be our foundational sources of nutrition (or gigantic chickens that were injected with steroids.)

A lean protein and plant based diet is more along the lines of what God intended us to eat. 
Am I championing being a vegetarian? Not at all. The Bible clearly shows that God also gave us animals to eat. Go have yourself a buffalo or an alligator.

What I am saying is that a lean protein and plant based diet would do more to rid the world of obesity than Cap’n Crunch and Toucan Sam. I am advocating a healthier way to eat for us to live healthier and longer. 

I plan on doing this. My tangible goal is to be off of blood pressure medicine by my birthday in October. 
I do not expect it to be easy. Success is rarely easy. Victory does not come without a price. 
Need more of a reason to eat healthier? Watch this TED talk by chef Jamie Oliver.

What do you think?