Real Marriage

There are a ton of books on the subject of marriage. There are books on how to be creative in showing your spouse that you love them. There are books on the fact that marriage is a covenant. There are books on how to get the spark back in your marriage. I have never come across a book that addressed a husband and wife should be friends. The relationship between a husband and wife is not the same as taskmaster and slave or employer and employee. A husband and wife should be friends before they are lovers.

Song of Solomon 5:16 says, “This is my beloved, and this is my friend.”
Mark and Grace Driscoll bare their soul in this book. Real Marriage shows their life before Christ, shows mistakes that they have made and how forgiveness is needed both from Jesus and from each other.
Real Marriage shows how a husband and wife should be friends. I love this concept. Friends can work together, eat together, watch movies together, they also laugh and cry together. At the end of the day, your friend knows you better than you know yourself.
This book does well to explain that sex is not just for having kids. Sex is not a taboo topic. Sex is not gross. Sex is a gift that God gives to a husband and wife. Sex is the most intimate connection a husband and wife can have. Sex is for pleasure and for oneness in marriage.
Real Marriage is so good at engaging couples where they are that it becomes a treasured resource. This is going the main book I have couples read when doing pre-marriage counseling.
Read Real Marriage as a guide to having a long, fulfilling marriage. Read this with your fiance or with your spouse. Talk about everything with each other. Hide nothing. There is no place for secrets in a marriage.
Real Marriage is not the Bible but is full of Biblical advice. Pray that God would use the book to change you, challenge you, convict you, and make you more of the husband or wife that God created you to be.