Letter to FaithPoint

Pic from Flickr by FireShip.

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to help another group serve the community in Macon. We were able to come alongside and help feed hungry and homeless people who were in need of a meal.

One man said something that has not left my mind since he said it, “Any food is good food.”
The man was so hungry that he would eat anything that is placed in front of him. He was not worried about where it came from, the nutritional value, how it was prepared, or whether or not it came from a box. He was truly thankful.
Now is not the time to get into healthy and organic discussions but…in Timothy, Paul reminds us that all of our food should be received with thanksgiving. We should be glad and grateful for any food that we have to eat.
However, when it comes to your spiritual food, not all food is good food.
If you do not know how to feed yourself, you are in danger of eating whatever is placed in front of you. If you do not study the Bible, if you do not study sound doctrine and theology, you will not have the discernment to tell the difference whether or not the person you are listening to is truly telling you the truth.
Not every preacher preaches the Jesus of the Bible.
For example:
Some preachers only preach verses that inspire you or talk about being rich and God’s blessings without telling you that God wants all of you.
Some preachers will tell you that God wants to bless everyone financially and if you lack in any area of your life then you are not in God’s will.
Some will say that Jesus never really died on the cross.
Some will say that Jesus was not both fully God and fully man.
Some will say that Jesus did not raise from the dead.
Some will say that Jesus is not coming back.
What does the Bible say?
You should study the Bible for yourself. Read it, devour it, feast on it, drown in it. I want you to read the Bible for yourself. I want you to study it and apply it to every area of your life.
Feeding yourself with the Bible is a sure sign of spiritual maturity. It shows that you are growing.
A baby or a child has to be fed multiple times a day to survive. If a child goes more than three days without food, it will die.
You can starve your spirit and it will soon become evident that you are malnourished in the Word. This is not good. Your spirit craves the Word of God. However, you can get it in you…do it.
Read the Bible.
Listen to podcasts.
Review sermon notes.
Listen to gospel centered music.
Read gospel centered authors.
Don’t starve your spirit. A starved spirit is a sign of a wasted life.
Pastor Jimmy