Walking in Daddy’s Shoes

A child is never too young to learn. From the time they start watching the movement of your lips when you talk to how they study your reaction to all kinds of situations, you are their new favorite subject.

My wife and I have two boys. I am overcome with joy that God would allow us to parent these two amazing little guys.
Part of being a dad is understanding the responsibility of being a parent. Scripture makes it clear that we are to parent our children for their good and for the glory of God.
Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Dad. You are the pastor of your home. You are the spiritual leader of your family. It does not matter if your child has the best clothes, best toys, and state of the art video game system. It does not matter if your child makes all A’s in school or plays Little League Baseball. It does not matter if your child is the quarterback of the high school football team. It does not matter what college your child gets into or if he goes to college at all. What does matter and it matters more than any kind of success in this world, is that you point your child to Jesus.
Little boys usually see their daddy as their hero. Before Iron Man, Batman, Spider-Man, Thor, or Superman, you dad are their hero. They love you. They watch you. They want to be like you.
Your family will be your greatest disciples so it goes without saying that you will be held responsible for how you raise your child. Your child watches you, studies you, mimics you. This is important for you to grasp. Your child is learning by watching you.
  • How do you react when you hit your finger with a hammer?
  • Do you go ballistic when you lose your keys?
  • How do you treat your wife in front of your child? Is it different from how you treat her in public? Are you sending your child mixed signals?
  • Has your child ever caught you looking at porn or watching movies with nudity in them? Don’t teach your child how to lust after a woman. Teach him how to honor, cherish, and treasure her. She is created in the image of God. She is not the object of your selfish, sick, flawed, sinful, desires.
  • Has your child ever seen you read the Bible? Have you read the Bible with him?
  • Has your child ever seen you pray? Do you pray with your child?
  • Does your child know that you love Jesus?
Boys have a lot to deal with growing up. It will not be long before a girl catches their eye. It will not be long before they understand the difference between what is appropriate and inappropriate for a girl to wear. Boys will learn about temptation. How will you teach them to deal with temptations and lust? How will you push them to Jesus? Do you have a plan to share the gospel with them?
Your child needs to see the example of a disciple that is passionate about Jesus in his daddy. Your child needs to see a disciple that is unashamed of the gospel in his daddy.
Plan now.
Take into context your child and his attention span and how he learns. The message of the gospel does not change but the methods do. You have to have methods for sharing Jesus with your child.
Remember: Your child is never to young to learn.