Hope Is Not Lost

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It is easy to understand where a non-Christian could end up in a situation of stress, anxiety, suicide or depression. It is hard to understand how a Christian also could end up in the same type situation. How is it that a person could have a life changing experience with God and then just disregard God altogether? Why must people constantly seek pleasure, purpose, meaning, security and desire in things other than a glorious, almighty, holy God?

It has occurred to me that I was once one of those people.

I had a life changing experience and yet did not seek God for my own. I chose to seek after things that would only provide temporary satisfaction instead of God. It makes me sorrowful to realize the time that was wasted seeking things that must have grieved my heavenly Father. I even tried to put my calling on hold after God called me to be a pastor. God shut every door that I was seeking until I surrendered to the path that God had chosen for me. Praise God for His faithfulness to us as He lovingly “shuts doors” for our good and His glory!

People try to find their identity in everything from goals they set, to relationships, to jobs, to whatever seems to bring them satisfaction for the moment. When identity or security is threatened, people respond by shutting down, lying, becoming angry, or some type of reaction that is a result of the internal problems that are brewing.

These people need to be led to the cross of Jesus Christ. These people need to know that Jesus can free them from thinking wrongly about how they view life or themselves. Circumstances, failure, and other problems lead people to become frustrated and anxious. Guilt, bitterness, anger, and fear are unhealthy emotions that can build up inside of people that have been painfully scarred. Conversations need to take place to get to the root of these unhealthy emotions. A listening ear could provide the outlet in which these people open a waterfall of emotions and memories that they have never expressed before. There is no pill, surgery, self-help book, DVD, or magic spell that can take away the years of hurt and pain built up inside of these people.

The love of Jesus Christ is the only thing that can help these people to see that they do not have to remain in bondage to their emotions.   The problems they struggle with on a consistent basis can be gone. For some people change is immediate. For some, change is a process.

Proverbs says that a friend is closer than a brother. It is times like these that these people need that friend. They need someone to love them through and to show them the love of Jesus and pray grace and mercy over their life. They need to know that they have not lost hope, it has just been misplaced. They need to see that Jesus is all the hope they need. There is a light at the end of their tunnel, a way out of their valley, and it comes in the form of the person of Jesus Christ.



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