31 Days of Twitter Tips by Becky Robinson

31 Days of Twitter Tips is an ebook written by social media influencer, Becky Robinson.

If you are new to the world of social networking or only familiar with Facebook, Robinson’s book is for you. This book is designed not only to help you build your social networking influence, but to actually engage and build quality relationships with the people that follow you or that you follow.
Contrary to popular belief, Twitter is not about the numbers. Twitter is about relationships. Who inspires you? Who do you learn from? Whose links to you click on? Whose blogs or books do you usually read? Who creates content that you just find compelling? Those are the relationships that you want to build and cultivate.
Whether you are new to Twitter or have been on Twitter for a good amount of time, Robinson’s book offers 31 ways to help you think about what your purpose for being on Twitter really is.
This book will help you figure out what value you bring to Twitter. What do you have to offer? What is your area of expertise? What do you enjoy? What do you share that other people find valuable that may connect with others on Twitter?
Remember that your Twitter follower count is not that important. It is only important to the degree that you want to engage and build relationships with the people that follow you.
I have found Robinson’s book very informative and look forward to putting some of her tips and strategies into good use. I want to build better relationships and cultivate new ones through the use of Twitter. This book is not just suggestive. Robinson wrote this book from her own personal experience. So, the tips she provides did not just come out of thin air. She has actually used the tips that she provides in this book.
31 Days of Twitter Tips is still free for download until August 31. Beginning September 1, you will be able to buy it on Amazon.
You can download the book here.
Robinson loves to engage with her readers.
You can follow her on Twitter at @beckyrbnsn.
Download the book. Read it. Engage with Robinson.
You may even want to take her up on her 31 Day challenge at the end of the book.
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