Notes for FaithPoint

These notes are from our first week studying Theology. Theology 1: The spirituality of God.

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Theos is Greek for God.

ology is the study of.
Theology is the study of God.
The spirituality of God
What is God? We know that He is not made of flesh and bone as we are. What then is God? What is God made of? What material would best describe God? What tangible material describes His essence, His being? Is He made of matter at all? Is God energy? Is God simply a force? Is God just an idea, concept, or thought?
What does the Bible say?
God is none of those things.
God is spirit. John 4:24
Our context for this section of Scripture is this: Jesus is talking to the woman at the well. She is having a discussion of location where people should worship God. God does not require a person to be in Jerusalem or on a mountain in Samaria. True worship has nothing to do with physical location but with one’s inner spiritual condition – because God is spirit. God is not made of a tangible material. He is spirit.
God cannot be limited by space, time, or location.
We should not think of God in terms of size (big or small). Everywhere that God is, all of God is fully there all of the time.
God cannot be contained.
Exodus 20:4-6
God’s existence is not made of any material substance. Our minds cannot fully understand that God’s being cannot be compared to anything that we would associate with the word spirit.
God is not like vapor.
God is not like steam.
God is not like air.
God is not like space.
God is not even like our spirit.
God is not like any of those things because they are all created things. They can only exist in one place at one time.
For further study on this topic, please check out Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology. You can buy it here.
Also. Please check out the video from which these notes were taken.

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