Go Hard

When people want something bad enough, they will go out of their way to get it. Going to a midnight showing of the Dark Knight Rises, standing outside of Best Buy in the early hours of the morning so you can be first in line the day after Thanksgiving, going to a new restaurant so you can try it out before all of your friends – these are a few examples of what people will do when they want something bad enough.

Some people love going to midnight showings of movies and then they will go see that movie four more times. Some people say they love standing outside of a store at 3:00 am to get good deals on stuff when the store opens at 6:00.

What is important to one may be seen as lunacy or insanity by another. For example, working out, exercising, losing weight, some see it as important and some do not understand the point of disciplining yourself to eat a certain way, and working out. They don’t understand that you are tired of being tired. You are tired of eating crap and want to eat healthy. You are tired of being sick, being on meds, having headaches, and sluggish. They don’t understand that you want to go hard.

You will go hard or go home. You will not back down. You will do whatever it takes to reach that goal. You will fight. You will endure. You will push on.


How is it that you will go hard for a workout, food, shopping, and stuff that you want but will sit on the couch and call it quits when it comes to living the life that Christ has called you to live?

Jesus said, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” Love is not a feeling. Love is an action. Faith without works is dead.

You cannot serve Jesus and serve the world. The reasons most people give for not living like Christ is:

  • It’s hard.
  • It’s tough.
  • It’s difficult.
  • It’s uncomfortable.

Yes. It. Is.

Jesus did not call you to this life because he thought you were a worthless, disgusting, lazy, stagnant, piece of trash.

Jesus called you because the Holy Spirit has what you need to live this life regardless of the cost…whatever it takes.

Jesus has called you to live this life to the full.

Do it. Live unabashedly, live without regrets, live without fear, live unashamed of the gospel, live like Jesus.

The Bible says that your life is a vapor. Don’t waste your life.

Risk it all for the gospel. Pray that God will use you to draw people unto himself with the gift of salvation.

Serve your church. Do the small stuff. Do the stuff that nobody else will do. Do it even if you do not get rewarded or recognized for it. Serve the church because in doing so you serve Christ.

There is no time for laziness, complacency, hesitation, fear, worry, or stagnation.

You must run with the urgent message of the gospel! You must share it with as many people as possible! You must proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ! Shout it from the rooftops! Proclaim it from the highest of mountains!

You are holy, righteous, justified, you are everything that God says you are. You are a saint. You are being led daily to conform to the image of Christ. You are in a war. You fight against your flesh, and the powers of darkness that heavily influence this world. Pick up your sword and wield it with all the strength that God has given you.

Go hard or go home.