Notes for FaithPoint

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These are notes from our Wednesday night series on doctrine and theology. The title of the study from which these notes were taken is: The Doctrine of Total Depravity Part 1.

Total depravity is Man’s total lack of spiritual good and inability to do good before God.

Genesis 3:1-7

Sin is any failure to conform to the moral law of God in act, attitude, or nature. Sin is not just about physical action but your attitude, your desires, and your heart.

Now our nature is the internal character or the very essence of who we are as persons.

Before we were redeemed by Christ, not only did we do sinful acts and have sinful attitudes, we were also sinners by nature. So this is why Paul is able to say: Romans 5:8, Ephesians 2:1-3

We all inherited a sin nature from Adam. Because you were born – you inherited this sin nature. God gave us his law and because of our sin nature, we are unable to conform to the law of God.

Because in and of ourselves alone – we fail to conform to the law of God. Sin is wrong in the deepest sense of the word. Sin is the direct – exact opposite to all that is good in the character of God. Sin contradicts God’s holiness. God hates sin. He must. He has to.

God has never sinned. God should not be blamed for sin. Man sinned and angels sinned – voluntarily. To blame God for sin would be to blaspheme the very character of God.

There is not an eternally existing evil power that is equal to God. This is called ultimate “dualism” and it is wrong.

Ephesians 1:11

Sin never took God by surprise. God in his sovereignty and providence is still in control over all things. But God did ordain that sin would come into the world even though he does not delight in it.

Garden – Adam and Eve – Tree – serpent shows up. The serpent challenged what they knew to be true – Genesis 3:4 The serpent challenged what they knew to be right – Genesis 3:6 Eve decided to make her decision on what she perceived to be right.

What was she thinking? God had already set the boundaries of right and wrong. Who was she to challenge the Creator?

Sin is completely irrational. It does not make sense. It did not make sense for Lucifer to rebel against God and try to exalt himself  above God.

It does not make sense that Adam and Eve would even consider that anything could be gained by intentionally disobeying the words of their Creator.

Both Lucifer and Adam and Eve made stupid choices. In the context of today, they would still be considered stupid choices.

What is also stupid? Any human being that continues in their rebellious state against God. A Christian that does not strive to be holy. Telling someone to follow their heart – Jeremiah 17:9

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