Notes for FaithPoint

Pic from Flickr by Patrick Ng.

The title for this sermon is Faith Is Not Passive.

The text for this sermon comes from the following verses:

  • Hebrews 11:1, 6
  • James 2:17
  • Matthew 9:27-31

Faith is not passive. Faith is not sitting on the couch flipping through the channels eating a bag of Oreos.

Faith is: assurance and conviction.

Biblical faith is not empty hope. Faith is not wishful thinking. Faith is not a product of your imagination. Faith is a settled confidence that something in the future that has not happened or has not been seen – will happen/come to pass because God promised it and God will bring it about.

Faith is confident trust in God who is all sovereign, all powerful, infinitely wise, and forever trustworthy.

By faith: Noah, Abraham, Joshua

James 2:17

dead – useless, worthless, non-existent

No true faith is absent from works.

Matthew 9:27-31

Faith is confident trust in God.

Do you really trust God? Really?

Faith pushes you to action. God opens the door. Faith kicks you out.

Whatever God promised – He will see it through to completion in His perfect time.

Here is the video from this sermon:

[ustream vid=25208530 hid=0 w=864 h=486]