Building A Life Out of Words

Pic from Smucker’s website.

Building A Life Out of Words is an ebook written by Shawn Smucker.

This book is an amazing work. It is written from Smucker’s point of perspective. The book is his experience of the struggle of an author that is grinding to make a living as a paid writer.
As a writer, I can identify with the struggle that Smucker wrestles with. It is difficult when you love to write and you have no platform, magazines and online publications reject your work, and self publishing is too expensive.
When you write, you are cutting yourself open and bleeding out on to the page. Every piece that you write contains part of you embedded into the pages.
Writing takes time. You are planting seeds. You are practicing. You are cultivating your craft and one day the world will be presented with your art. You are developing your voice. You are bold and confident with your words. You believe in yourself and your work but it is difficult to find anyone to buy into you.
Smucker just keeps plugging away. Writing book after book, article after article, blog post after blog post because the man does not give up. Smucker does say that there are times when he thought that nothing would happen with his writing. There were times where he thought that he should call it quits, throw in the towel. The key is…he didn’t. He finally found somebody that believed in him the way that he believed in himself.
If you are a writer, you are probably like me. Words are just in you. They have to come out. If you do not write, you will explode. You have to write. You are compelled to write because you are a writer.
This book is inspirational, challenging, and provides a glimmer of hope. I believe like Smucker does that if you keep producing quality, eventually somebody will take notice and pay you for it.
If you are a beginning writer, a novice writer, or even a pro, this book speaks to your struggle.
You will read it more than once and you will find new parts of the book or Smucker’s personal experience that you identify with in your own life.
I highly recommend this book.
You can get Building A Life Out of Words here.