Everything Is Vanity

Pic from Flickr by RobertK

It is quite amazing to me how long it takes us to grasp things that we already know.

For instance, Solomon, the wisest man that has ever walked the earth, wrote in Ecclesiastes that everything is vanity. We can translate that into everything is meaningless.

We already know this but we have a habit of attributing value to many things that will end up in a recycling center or a landfill.

We place value on cars, books, smart phones, houses and other frivolous trinkets. It is not that these things are not important or serve no purpose. However, they really have no value.

We should let the Bible redefine our definition of value.

According to the apostle Paul, we should not account our lives as having value.

What Paul says, echoes what Solomon said in Ecclesiastes, everything is meaningless.

Think about this:

Nobody cares what your GPA in high school was.
Nobody cares how many Facebook friends or Twitter followers you have.
The number of awards and trophies you have mean nothing.
The college that you graduated from…completely irrelevant.

Furthermore, my marriage has no value. The fact that I am both a dad and a pastor…meaningless.

If our lives really are meaningless, is there anything that we can attribute value and worth to? Yes.


In Acts 20:24, Paul says that he accounts his life as nothing so long as he gets to do what he was created to do and that is share the gospel of Jesus.
All that matters in this life is living for the glory of God and making his name famous. When we live as if Jesus is not important or an afterthought, we place things that ultimately have no value in place of the One who is valuable.
We were created for the glory of God. Share Jesus. Live passionately and devoted to your Lord and Savior.
This life is not about us.
This life is not about stuff.
This life is not about our wants, passions, or desires.
It’s all about Jesus.