Stay In The Boat

Pic from Flickr by hannah.livsey

I recently listened to a sermon by Pastor Judah Smith that he preached at the Newspring Leadership Conference. His message focused on what do you do when you find yourself in the meantime.

The meantime is that place when you are not where you were but you are not where you want to be. You are not on the other side. You are not at the end. You are not where the vision that God gave you finally explodes into fruition and it is awesome. The meantime is the space in between. The meantime is where you wait.
I am a pastor/church planter. I know the vision that God has given me even if nobody else understands it. Guess what. I am in the meantime.
Do you know how difficult that is to write. Nobody wants to say that. Nobody wants to say that they are struggling. Nobody wants anyone else to know that its not going the way you thought it would.
God gives you a vision and you want to run with it and you get to your church’s one year birthday and you celebrate and you are happy but you know that there is more. God where are the people? Where are the disciples that make disciples? God, I need a building.
When people tell you that you are not good enough and that you are not cut out for this what do you do?
When you hide the fact that you are struggling because people think you have it all together, what do you do?
When you question your calling, what do you do?
You have been there too. God, are you sure that you got the right guy for this?
Then God answers you. “I made you.”
What do you do?
Stay in the boat.
Don’t run. Don’t quit. Don’t tapout. Don’t throw in the towel or cash in all the chips. Stay in the boat.
We all want to be on the other side. We all want to see the vision come to pass. We all want to see the finish line. Stay in the boat.
You will get there when Jesus wants you to get there.
I know that does not seem like much help but there is a reason why you are in the meantime. This goes for me as well.
God is doing something to us and in us. He is making us, molding us, shaping us into the people that he needs for us to be.
You cannot cross to the other side before you are supposed to because if you get there too early, you would not know what to do when you got there.