Asking All The Wrong Questions – A Review

Pic from Prodigal Press website.

Asking All The Wrong Questions is an ebook by Ally Vesterfelt.

The book addresses questions that we ask ourselves when we are trying to justify pushing the envelope in sexual situations. Ally does a great job of getting into the minds of singles and couples and the kinds of thoughts that we have all thought when pursuing the opposite sex.

Instead of asking questions that would take you down a road that you would rather not venture down, Ally changes the questions. You are dating another person that has been created in the image of Christ. How are you pointing them to Jesus?

I wish that I had this book when I was 19. I made some mistakes that I wish that I could go back and change. I fall into the category of thinking that it was OK to have sex because my fiance’ and I were engaged.

It was fun at first. Then the relationship ended. I had given myself to become “one” with a girl that I was no longer going to marry. It took me learning the hard way to realize what a stupid decision I had made.

When I met my the woman that would become my wife, I had to do something that I never had to do before. I had to tell her that I messed up and made the dumb decision to have sex before her.

By God’s grace, she forgave me.

She extended love and forgiveness to me that I did not deserve. I am grateful to be married to her today.

We have been married now for 10 years and we have 2 little boys. I am a blessed man. Thank you Jesus.

Asking All The Wrong Questions is not just for singles and couples. I believe that you can still find value in it if you are married. Read it and tell someone else how to get their copy.

You can get Asking All The Wrong Questions here.