Notes for FaithPoint

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This is the second part of the notes from our study on why FaithPoint has Community Groups.


In a CG, people are always glad you are there. A CG is unwilling to settle for anything less than redemptive community.

A FaithPoint CG right now is for developing you into disciples that make disciples and for you to build relationships with each other.

Your CG should talk about how you support the mission and the vision of the church. For you to do this, you have to know the mission and the vision. That is why we regularly share the mission and the vision with the church.

Celebrate with your CG when:

  • a person is healed
  • a person finds forgiveness
  • a person repents and follows Jesus
  • when there is a reason to celebrate


When a CG grows to a point of 12-14 people, then 4-6 people will covenant to start a new CG. This is how a CG multiplies.

In a CG, there is a CG leader and a host home. The host of the home is not necessarily the CG leader.

The host of the home may want to provide:

  • food – supper
  • snacks
  • desserts
  • drinks

The host may also decide to theme a potluck night such as BBQ, Mexican, or Chinese. You may also decide to theme the potluck after a TV show or movie such as Iron Man, Fried Green Tomatoes, or Miami Vice. Be creative.

The host may also decide to designate a different person to provide food and drink every once in awhile.

In the event that a CG does not have a host home, you may want to seek out places such as restaurants or coffee shops to meet.

Wherever a CG meets, it needs to be the same day and time every week. You should not cancel a CG for any reason other than an emergency or an event such as Thanksgiving which might happen to fall on the day your CG meets.

As of the first Sunday in January, your CG as you know them now will change. There will be two, possibly three, CGs in January. As of Sunday, December 17, you will know who the two host homes are and who the CG leaders are. You will have the opportunity to join which CG you like.

Your CG will be an open group and people that are new or currently not in a CG may want to join you at any time. You do not need to bounce among the groups. Stay with the one you are in.

If you are interested in being a CG leader, be in prayerful consideration and talk to Pastor Jimmy.

FaithPoint CGs will not be curriculum driven.

Community Groups will be sermon driven.

We are reformed in our view of salvation, the church, and the city. So, your CG will also be.

When you join FaithPoint as a member, you sign a covenant and a doctrinal statement. Being sermon driven helps to keep everyone on the same page. Every group would be diving deeper into the sermon asking questions to push you to conforming more to the image of Jesus.

As a CG leader, your group material should consist mainly of notes from:

  • FaithPoint sermons and Bible studies. Pastor Jimmy posts his sermon notes on his blog weekly.
  • You may decide to also use Pastor Jimmy’s blog posts to discuss during CG meetings.
  • Books that are approved by FaithPoint.

These books will be by authors that hold to our high view of Scripture and Jesus.

The new Community Groups start in January.


Pastor Jimmy