Notes for Faithpoint


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These notes are from the Wednesday night study. Please use these for your own personal Bible study or to review before Community Groups.

The title of this study: How the Church Should Respond to Political Persecution

Please refer to the story on Hobby Lobby. You can find it at

What is going on in our culture?

There is a possibility that because of certain government mandates, it is possible that churches can lose non-profit status. There is also a possibility that the IRS will stop giving tax deductions to people that give to churches and other charities.

For the disciple, this does not affect you. Nothing changes.

Acts 4:1-20

1 Peter 4:12-14

You are a Christian first and an American second. Your allegiance is to Jesus before it is to a flag or a country.

If you hold to Scripture as your highest authority: Earth is not your home.

Hebrews 11:13-16

Jesus said to not lay up treasures where moth and rust destroy. Jesus also said that he had to leave and go prepare a place for us.

You are a missionary.

Knowing that earth is not your home frees you from the temptation of getting too comfortable here. You are free! Free to share the gospel. Free to impact the lives of people, free to impact culture wherever you go – because you walk in the authority of Jesus.

The Holy Spirit in you is directing  your passions and affections for a place you can’t get to on this planet.

Philippians 1:21-25

What is your life?

Paul said he accounts his life as having no value. Why?

The gospel is more valuable.

How far are you willing to go for the gospel?

  • Till somebody makes fun of you and calls you names
  • Till somebody says your church is a cult
  • Till somebody calls you a fanatic
  • Till somebody gets verbally and physically aggressive towards you
  • Till there are threats against you
  • Till you are thrown in jail
  • Till you are killed

Joshua 1:7-9

When you apply and live out Scripture – God is with you wherever you go.

The church in the Book of Acts multiplied in spite of persecution.

There is no need to fear:

  • rejection
  • man
  • government
  • jail
  • death

Romans 1:16

You have to get it in your mind that you will share the gospel and talk about Jesus if it kills you.

If you wake up tomorrow – you get to talk about Jesus. If you die – you get to be with Jesus.



Be strong and courageous.

Hold to Scripture as your highest authority.

Share the gospel.

God is with you.