The Words of A Child

Daddy and BrysonI love listening to my two year old son talk. I like how he does his best to say words even when they don’t come out just right. The fun part is watching him grow and try new sounds and say words that he used to not be able to say or words that he had trouble saying.

There is a time almost ever morning when he wakes up, where he will come out of his room and look for me. When he finds me; he runs and lifts his arms as I lift him high into the air. Then I bring him down and we do a daddy and son bear hug. I tell him that I love him. Then he responds with the words that I do not think I will ever tire of hearing, “I love you too daddy.”
The Bible makes clear that God is our Heavenly Father and we are His children. The difference between God and an earthly father is this: God is not flawed in any way. God is not affected by sin. God does not yell. God does not have a short temper. God is not selfish.
God is a perfect Father. I am not. I can only do my best to be a godly father and point my boys to Jesus. I want them to see Jesus as their Lord and Savior, the Holy Spirit as their comforter and guide and God as the Holy, Perfect, Father.
As I love to hear my son tell me that he loves me, God loves to hear his children talk to Him.
God wants you, His child, to talk and share with Him. He cares for you in the most perfect sense of the word. He wants you to share your joy, pain, celebrations, struggles, frustrations, prayers, He wants you to share everything.
Just like a dad loves to watch his children play, interact, and learn; God loves to watch His children learn, grow, mature, and thrive. God loves it when His children learn new things, memorize new verses, share the Gospel with a lost friend, pray for the healing of a loved one, give to the church, give to a charity, love. God loves when we are obedient.
A dad wants his children to love him and more than that enjoy being with him. Whether it is eating at McDonald’s, watching Thomas the train, playing with cars, running in the park or reading a story, a dad wants his children to enjoy him.
God wants you to enjoy Him. In the words of the Westminster catechism, “Man’s chief and highest end is to glorify God, and fully to enjoy him forever.”
It is perfectly fine for you to enjoy being with your Heavenly Father.
Run to Him.
Talk to Him.
Laugh with Him.
Cry with Him.
Rejoice with Him.
Praise Him.
Glorify Him.
He wants to spend time with you. He wants to listen to you. Go to your Heavenly Father and tell Him how much you love Him. His response will always be how much He loves you too.