Notes for Faithpoint

Pic from Flickr by dmangust

Pic from Flickr by dmangust

The title for this sermon is A Disciple’s Passion For The Gospel. Our text for this sermon comes from Acts 26.

Our focus verses are verses 28-29.

This chapter opens with King Agrippa giving Paul the opportunityto speak. Paul, being the preacher that he is, looks forward to any opportunity to be able to talk about Jesus.

Paul shares his story.

vs 8 Why is it thought incredible by any of you that God raises the dead? This question from Paul strikes at the heart of unbelief. God raised Jesus from the dead: FACT

Since that is true: If your faith is not strong enough to believe what Scripture says, you are depending on what you can see, and what you believe and not what the Bible says. You are probably living a life that is designed by you and it is “normal” and boring and routine because you think that you can manage it.

God raised Jesus from the dead! There is nothing that He cannot do!


vs 24 Festus says to Paul, “You are out of your mind.”  On the contrary dear Festus, Paul has never more been in his right mind. Transformed by Jesus and controlled by the Holy Spirit, he is right where God wants him. The words that he speaks may seem foolish because lost people are not able to understand or discern the things of the Spirit. Do not mistake Paul’s boldness and confidence in Christ for cockiness. This is bigger than Paul and he knows it. Paul is not in this so that he can receive glory. This is all about Jesus.


vs 28-29 We wish that our cities and state would come to Christ. We want our church to make disciples, train men, develop pastors, plant churches and send missionaries. We believe that a city is changed through the local church as the church is submitted to Christ. Through Jesus, change can happen to cities.

  • Medicine and hospitals can be changed
  • Film, movies and TV can be changed
  • Business can be changed
  • City, state and national government can be changed
  • Schools and education can be changed
  • Families can be changed
  • Marriages can be changed
  • People can be changed

We want strip clubs and prostitution to be a thing of the past. We want shelters and food for the homeless. We want to take hope to the hopeless. We want clean water for the world. We want food for the hungry. We want to see sex trafficking die. We want to punch the porn industry in the face.


We want our cities to be wrecked by Jesus. We want Jesus to transform lives/marriages/families/cities.

Paul saw every person as a potential disciple.

How do you see the people in our city?