FaithPoint Weekly Update

Hope you are having a good week FaithPoint. I wanted to give you an update of what you could expect this Sunday.

If you watch Luke in the video, you will see that he has characteristics and some mannerisms that may resemble that of another baby his age. However, Luke is entirely unique and special. He is hand formed by the Creator of the universe. Luke is God’s masterpiece.

We will be in Genesis 2. We will see how God forms man from the dirt of the ground. We will look at how that means that God is the Potter and we are the clay.  Because God is the Potter, he hand forms each one of us and makes us unique. That includes all of our characteristics and quirks. He makes no apologies for how He makes us. He makes us how He wants us to. We are also the only created beings that are made in the image of God. You are God’s masterpiece.

I cannot wait to meet with you this Sunday.

See you then.

Pastor Jimmy