Notes for FaithPoint

Pic from Flickr by Brenderous

Pic from Flickr by Brenderous

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to preach at a men’s Brotherhood breakfast. These are the notes from that sermon.

The title of that sermon was: Your Spiritual Legacy

The text for this sermon is from Joshua 23:6-8 and Judges 2:10-15.

We all have a desire to make a mark in our place in history. There is in all of us a desire to make a difference. We all want to be remembered. But there is a question that exposes your motives regardless of how you answer it.
What do you want to be remembered for?
Joshua charges Israel’s leaders to Man Up. To be consistent and stay focused on God. To be in His Word and live by it. To be godly men and leaders.
When we think of leaving a legacy, we think of:
  • Leaving money to our favorite University
  • Giving our kids our vacation home or our fishing boat
  • Our prized car that we worked hard on to restore
  • The business that we started from the ground up
  • A savings account, trust fund or 401K
None of those things are bad. But they are all lacking.
The greatest thing that you can be remembered for is not made of any tangible material at all.
You have to ask yourself, do you love Jesus? Do you love your church? Do you love the generation that comes after you? They will be the ones to carry on the ministries, mission trips, and sharing the gospel of Jesus.
Judges 2:10-15
If the generation now does not point the next generation to Jesus, you risk killing your church.
When one generation takes their focus off of Jesus, you start to fade into obscurity. When you stop doing what Jesus commands Christians to do as a result of them saying they love and follow Him, you fade from existence.
Lock the doors.
Board up the windows.
Put up a For Sale sign.
It is not enough to say that you just love Jesus. The Bible clearly says that if you say you love Jesus and you do not love people, you are a liar.
What you do on this earth will pass away.
What you do for Jesus lasts for eternity.
When Jesus calls you home and you stand before Him, you will not be held accountable for how much money you gave to your favorite University, you will not be applauded because you saved well and your 401K did better than market average. You will not be praised because you worked your tail off and your business grew and you had to branch out to new locations to serve all your customers.
None of that will matter when you stand before Jesus.
What you will be held accountable for is how many disciples you made. How well did you show that you love both Jesus and other people? How many people did you point to Jesus? How many people did you intentionally pray for their salvation? How many people are you pointing to Jesus right now?
Your legacy means nothing if you fail in what Jesus has called you to do as a Christian.
Be a man that points people to Jesus.
Be a man that is remembered for pointing people to Jesus.