The End Goal

Pic from Flickr by nacornett.

Pic from Flickr by nacornett.

Have you ever been a part of a ministry or an event that you loved but you could not clearly define the end goal?

This happens more often than we would like to think.

Bible studies are started all the time. There is absolutely nothing wrong with studying the Bible. However, in a corporate or small group setting, what is the purpose for why you are studying the Bible?

Are you:

  • Memorizing verses
  • Developing leaders
  • Training men to be better husbands and dads
  • Training women to be better wives and moms
  • Making disciples
  • Teaching others how to study the Bible

What is the end goal?

If your Bible study does not have an end goal, you have created a group and nobody knows why they are meeting. Nobody knows what purpose is to be accomplished when the Bible study is over.

A group that has no clear end goal runs into a few problems:

  • The leader of the Bible study has not chosen a successor to replace him when he steps down as the leader
  • If the leader has no successor when he is done, the Bible study ends
  • A Bible study with no end goal has a leader with no vision for the Bible study
  • There is no clear definition of purpose, vision or direction

How long is the Bible study to meet?

Six weeks? Eight weeks? Three months? Two years?

That is determined by what your end goal is.

If your Bible study is to teach others how to study the Bible, then the Bible study ends when you have taught the people how to read and study the Bible, use a commentary, use the internet, use a concordance and maybe even a systematic theology book.

A Bible study with no end goal is like running on a treadmill. You are running but you are going nowhere and your view never changes.

A Bible study that only meets for acquiring knowledge runs the risk of having people know a lot of information but lack heart transformation. This is what was wrong with the Pharisees. They knew a lot but their information did not transfer over to heart transformation.

Start your Bible study and make clear why you are meeting. Set your goals, direction, vision so that people know what to expect in the Bible study and what is to be accomplished when the Bible study is over.

If you are not part of a community group or a Bible study, I encourage you to be a part of one.

Question: What is the end goal for the Bible study you are a part of?