4 Ways To Cut Back On What You Consume

Pic from Flickr by Auntie P.

Pic from Flickr by Auntie P.

When God gave Adam the task to take care of creation in Genesis and cultivate it, the task did not end because Adam got kicked out of the garden.

We are still responsible for taking care of the Creator’s work.
We are a consumer society. We consume and trash. We sometimes trash more than we consume. Think about all the things that you throw out on any weekly basis.
  • Cans
  • Tech
  • Boxes
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Junk Mail
  • Uneaten food
  • Clothes
  • Stuff you just don’t want anymore

I am not advocating going green or whatever you want to call it. However, I believe that we can do better at taking care of God’s artwork and cutting back on our consumption.

Here are 4 Ways To Cut Back On What You Consume
* When Writing
If you are a writer/note taker/blogger, you can reduce the amount of paper that you use. You can use your laptop/phone/tablet to take notes or write. You can use Word to take notes or use other programs such as Evernote. If you are a blogger, you can use WordPress or another blogging program to keep from using so much paper.
There are also apps that you can download that help to reduce the amount of paper that you use. Inkpad is a great app for making lists. Writer is a good app to use if you want to write your blog post before publishing it in WordPress or whatever program you use.
*Using Light Bulbs
By now, we all know that the eco friendly light bulbs are better than the standard light bulbs. They cost more to buy but save you money in the long run because they last longer and use less energy making them more efficient. Do not feel like you have to replace every bulb in your house all at once. The most cost effective way that I have found is to buy one or a few at a time. You save money by not buying so many bulbs at the same time. There is no difference in light quality. The eco friendly bulbs do a good job at lighting up a room just like your old bulbs did.
Recycling is not complicated. Check out Google for a recycling center in your area. Once you know what your recycling center takes you can recycle those items and save room in your trash can for other things like that pizza from three nights ago or your infant’s diapers.
Recycling centers take most of the following items:
  • Cans
  • Cereal Boxes and Drink boxes
  • Cardboard
  • Steel cans from canned foods (aerosol cans are frowned upon)
  • Plastic
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines and most other types of paper
You can also recycle clothes but you may want to take that old T-shirt or pair of jeans and turn them into a pillow for your dog. If not, you can always take your clothes to a place like the Goodwill so that they can re-purpose your clothes or sell them at a lower cost.
*Getting Rid of Old Tech
Technology has a short lifespan. For the most part we as consumers do not wait until a product does not work anymore before we are at the store to buy the next greatest, faster, bigger, brighter, better item. Whether it is an iPod, phone, laptop, Kindle, tablet, etc…we cannot wait for the next version to come out so that we can go get it.
What happens then to our previous tech?
You know what I mean, the first generation iPod that just sits on your desk, the computer tower that sits in a closet somewhere, the monitor that is in the attic, the cell phone that you stuck in the junk drawer if your two year old did not grab to play with.
For the most part, tech is recyclable. However, there are many recycle centers (like the one near my house) that does not recycle tech. What do you do if that happens?
You could try and take it to the Goodwill but unless it is in good working condition they may not take it. You could try exchanging your tech towards the purchase of a new gadget.
Sometimes you run into a good deal. Best Buy sometimes offers store credit in exchange for your old tech. Then you can use the store credit towards what you wanted anyway and you don’t have another laptop or phone in a landfill somewhere.
Question: What other ways have you found to cut back on what you consume?