FaithPoint Weekly Update

Pic from Flickr by Photography by Sabreena

Pic from Flickr by Photography by Sabreena

Happy Friday to you FaithPoint!

I wanted to share with you as we approach this coming Sunday.

We are going to be in the book of Joshua. We are going to look at what it is like to pray prayers that are bold and confident. Bold in request and confident that God will answer.

Some people might even say that this is crazy because bold and confident prayers often sound crazy. Why?

To pray a bold prayer, you are admitting to God that unless He moves and does something that only He can do…you are stuck.

Bold prayers come from a place where you have seen God work before and you have the faith that God will work again.

In Joshua’s case, we are going to see that his prayer basically means, that if God did not intervene, he was going to fail at the task that God gave him to accomplish.

I am excited about this coming Sunday. I believe that God is going to use this message to reveal to us that our prayers are too safe.

We pray to the God that:

  • uses angels with flaming swords
  • flooded the world
  • burned a city with fire
  • parted the red sea
  • uses ordinary people to share the gospel
  • that sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in us as children of God
  • raised Jesus from the dead

There is nothing that He cannot do, yet our requests to Him do not seem to have the faith that He can do what we need Him to do.

It is not that God lacks power. God is more than capable of handling our toughest, saddest, most painful, most depressing situation.

Our prayers are bold to the degree that we believe God will answer them.

It is time for us to pray bolder prayers for God to move in our church, and our surrounding cities. We need to pray that God will give us the boldness to share our stories with others and share the gospel. We need to pray that God will raise up a generation of men who will be bold, confident, and unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

May you have a great weekend. I look forward to seeing you Sunday. I love my church!

Pastor Jimmy