Pic from Flickr by Mary Wardell

Pic from Flickr by Mary Wardell

We are all broken. We don’t like to think of ourselves that way but it is true.

Sin makes us that way.

I am thankful for the redemption that only comes through knowing Jesus Christ as both my Lord and Savior.

However, I am still broken.

Sanctification is a process. When Jesus saves you, you are not immediately made perfect. If you were, there would be no need to keep you here and you would be swept away to eternity with Jesus.

This process is not easy. Jesus did not promise that the Christian life would be. I am in this process to conform to the image of Jesus. That means that my behavior, character, habits, passions, desires, thoughts, words, heart, actions, etc. begin to look more and more like Jesus.

We are all clay pots. We are vessels that God chooses to use to accomplish the work that he predestined us to accomplish. We will do this work by his grace and for his glory.

When it comes to sharing the gospel, we are one clay pot leading another clay pot to the Creator.

However, we have joy in knowing that one day, Jesus is coming back to take us home. There we will behold the holiness and awesome majesty of our King Jesus. We will no longer be broken.

We will have new bodies. We will have habits, thoughts, desires, words, etc. that all glorify Jesus.

Until that time comes, we are in a process of becoming more and more like Jesus.

When you mess up, there is grace and mercy for that.

You do not have to beat yourself up over the messes you make in your life. You do not have to condemn yourself over the sin that seems to chase you down.

When you live by the Spirit, you do not gratify the desires of the flesh.

Jesus does not condemn you. Neither should you condemn yourself.

Jesus welcomes you in your brokenness. He takes you as you are and starts a process of shaping you into who he wants you to be. He fixes the cracks and slowly you begin to look more and more like he designed you to be.

You are who Jesus says you are.

Do not let your sin and mistakes hold you in bondage. Let Jesus take that from you.

Disciple, you are in a process of conforming more and more to the image of Jesus. You are being made new.

When you mess up, there is forgiveness.

This forgiveness can only be found in Jesus.

May you be encouraged by this today!