FaithPoint Weekly Update

JesusWinsoutline3Good morning FaithPoint,

Tomorrow is Easter. Tomorrow we celebrate the fact that Jesus, after having died on the cross and buried, got up and walked out of a tomb.

Death has no hold on Jesus.

The sermon for tomorrow is going to come from Genesis 3. We are going to see the actual act that unleashes sin into the world and causes every human being that is born after Adam to inherit this sin cancer.

We are going to see that God cursed the man and told him that he would die. We will see how God sacrifices an animal and covers Adam and Eve so they are no longer naked.

We will see the curse on the snake and the fact that Jesus will crush his head.

We will then see that Jesus is the ultimate, once and for all blood sacrifice to atone for sins.

We will see that Jesus cannot be held down by death.

The resurrected Savior draws people to have a relationship with him.

We are praying for you to bring people to hear the message of the gospel.

We are praying for people to be saved. We are praying for people who have  become prodigals to come back home to Jesus. We are praying for people who have been in church their whole life to actually examine their lives and see if they really have a relationship with Jesus.

Are you as excited about tomorrow as I am?

If you are, we would like for you to show your anticipation on Twitter and Facebook by using the hashtag #FaithPointEaster

I am looking forward to being with my church family tomorrow.

I love my church!

Pastor Jimmy