Notes for FaithPoint

JesusWinsoutline3These notes are from our Easter service. Easter was an incredible day. We had a great time of worship and diving into God’s Word. We ended the day celebrating our resurrected Lord with communion.

Our text for this sermon comes from Genesis 3.

The title of this sermon is: Jesus Wins.
Genesis 3
vs 1: The serpent here is not yet to be thought of as a writhing sliding on its belly, forked tongue snake.
vs 2-3: Problem: The woman is talking to the serpent. They are having a literal conversation. At the end of verse 1, the serpent takes God’s words and twists them to say what God did not really say.
The devil is a master at twisting Scripture and getting you to think that something is true when in fact it is not.
Eve tells tells the serpent exactly what God said. Eve was not around when God created Adam and gave Adam that command. For Eve to know this, proves that Adam had this conversation with her.
vs 4-7: The serpent introduces this new information to Eve. “Well, Adam didn’t tell me that.” The serpent paints this picture of God to Eve that He is afraid of having Adam and Eve become as knowledgeable and wise as He is. Eve looks and sees the fruit is desirable. So, she intentionally defies God and eats the fruit because she is sold a story that is complete crap.
Then she looks at her husband (who was with her) and gave it to him.
Adam has two options.
1. He can say no and not eat it. He could have told his wife that they were going to leave and he could have kicked a field goal with the serpent. He would have honored God and his wife would have been upset and confused.
2. He could eat the fruit, intentionally dishonor God and then he would have to suffer the consequences for rebelling against God because he would have known what God said and went against it anyway. His wife would have been happy and God would be sinned against.
He chose the second one.
This is the act that unleashes sin into the world and curses every person that is ever born after Adam.
How long does it take to sew leaves together? They are trying to cover up and hide the fact that they sinned…as if God would not know.
vs 8-13 God shows up. He shows up to his daily fellowship time with Adam and Eve and they are not there to meet with him.
God calls the man.
The man has to admit that he is afraid and naked.
God questions the man.
Adam blames his wife.
Adam loses his man card here.
Adam fails to guard his wife against the serpent.
Adam fails to lead his wife and take her from the serpent risking making her mad but ultimately obeying God.
Adam fails to protect his wife.
Adam fails to own up to his mistakes when God confronts him.
Then Adam blames his wife.
Epic Fail!
God was not stupid. He knew exactly what Eve had done. He wasn’t going after Eve. He was going after Adam because he was holding the man accountable.
Eve blames the serpent.
All this blaming. Can anybody actually own up and take responsibility for their actions?
God lays out curses:
Skip vs 14 and 15. Come back to it.
vs 16 Curse to the woman.
Pain in childbearing
Desire to lead over her husband
vs 17 Curse to the man
Cursed is the ground, in pain you shall eat of it
By the sweat of your face, you eat bread
Your body is cursed and it will die
Skip 20 and 21
vs 22-24 God kicks the man and woman out of the garden and puts an angel at the entrance of a garden with a flaming sword. You do not pick fights with an angel. You definitely do not pick a fight with an angel with a flaming sword.
vs 14, 15 and 20 and 21
The serpent is cursed. The greatest part of this curse is the foreshadowing that Jesus wins.
Because of the sin that Adam and Eve committed, the leaf jeans and t-shirt that they made were not good enough because it is not possible for you to ever do enough to cover your sin of rebelling against God.
Sin must be atoned for. By blood.
God killed an animal and made clothes out of that animal’s skin to cover their sin. This is the first blood sacrifice.
From this point on, an animal has to be sacrificed to atone for people’s sin.
There has to be a better way.
There is.
8000 – 10,000 years later, Jesus is born.
Jesus is the wrench in the devil’s plans.
There has to be a way to get rid of Jesus or at least slow him down.
The Main Event:
From the time that Jesus is born, the clock is ticking. It is only a matter of time.
Fast forward to the octagon. This fight has been scheduled from eternity past.
The fighters enter the octagon. This could be a brutal match.
The fighters step to the center of the ring. The ref comes forward and lays down the rules. The fighters pound gloves and before the bell sounds to begin the match, the devil cheap shots Jesus.
Jesus enters Jerusalem on a colt. People line the streets, shouting “Hosanna!” and praising Jesus.
Then a week later. Jesus is interrupted while praying in the garden. He is taken to an unfair trial where everybody present, including the judge is biased. He is found guilty and sentenced to death.
He is flogged, he is beaten, his beard is pulled from his face. He is forced to carry a crossbeam to the top of a hill where he will be executed.
His hands and feet are nailed to the cross.
Six hours later. Jesus says, “It is finished.”
His body is taken down and carried away to a tomb.
The devil cheap shots Jesus. Jesus falls to the mat.
The devil grabs the belt and walks away to the back room.
Cue the celebration.
Bring out the buffet. BBQ ribs and hor’durves line the table. The corks go flying on the choicest wines and champagne.
Cigars are lit and the devil and his demons kick back and celebrate their victory.
But the devil must have not heard Jesus.
“It is over. This is done. It is finished.”
Jesus gets up from off the mat.
A demon pauses….”Did you hear that?”
Jesus is in a borrowed tomb. It is borrowed because he would not be needing it for that long.
The stone is moved from the tomb. Like a boss, Jesus walks out.
Jesus goes to the back room and drags Satan back to the octagon.
Revelation 20:10
You cannot by your own life produce works good enough to atone for your sin. You need a blood sacrifice. Jesus is that blood sacrifice. Jesus died on the cross to atone for your sins. If you are a Christian, the blood of Jesus covers your sin. If you are not, you are still in need of a blood sacrifice. You need a sacrifice that God poured his wrath out on that atoned for sin. If you reject Jesus, you will endure the wrath of God and you will spend eternity apart from Jesus.
Because of the resurrection of Jesus:
  • You can live your life to the glory of God.
  • You get to share the gospel.
  • You get to love God and other people.
  • You get to have a relationship with Jesus.
  • You get to be a missionary.
  • You get to live out Scripture.
  • You get to be everything that God created you to be.
Romans 16:20
You no longer have to be a slave to sin.
You do not have to be controlled by unforgiveness and bitterness.
You do not have to be manipulated by pride.
You do not have to be addicted porn, drugs, food or ANYTHING!
You no longer have to live this life apart from Jesus.
It is finished.