Notes for FaithPoint

Pic from Flickr by kerbysdreamworld

Pic from Flickr by kerbysdreamworld

Our text for this sermon comes from Genesis 5. The title of this message is Walking With God.

Genesis 5 is a genealogy. While this is easy to just glaze over and skip, we want to look at it to see what is valuable and applicable to our life.

vs 1-2 First we notice that this is a genealogy of Adam.

vs 3-5 Adam had more children than Seth. Why are they not mentioned here? Why is Cain not mentioned here? Cain was cursed. Cain and God parted ways. All of Adam’s other children are irrelevant not unimportant but irrelevant. Why? Because Jesus is going to come from the line of Seth.

vs 6-32 The rest of Adam’s genealogy.
In verse 29 we are given the meaning of Noah’s name. How would you like your name to be tied to your destiny? Your name then would help determine the direction of your future.

Our focus verses are going to be vs 22-24. I want to explore with you what it means to walk with God. Both of our focus verses say that Enoch walked with God. For something to be written more than once makes this especially important.

Walking with God:


Walking is not:
standing still

Your relationship with Jesus can be described as a walk.

I say relationship because Jesus calls us into a relationship with Him. This is more than just knowing about Jesus. There is a huge difference between knowing Jesus and knowing about Jesus. Jesus does not care as much about how many stories, facts, verses, and theological definitions you know as much He cares about His relationship with you.

Micah 6:8

We are to walk humbly with God.
We are not trying to walk ahead of God. We are not walking behind him or getting angry, bitter, fearful or insecure and taking a detour. We are walking with God.

Enoch did not just live. He did not just exist. He was not merely surviving.

Hebrews 11:5

Your walk is taking you on a journey.
There will be celebrations
There will be suffering
There will be challenges
There will be inspiration

Your journey with Jesus has only one direction: forward.

The journey is a process.

Jesus does not want for you to go backwards or take a detour.

Going backwards is counter productive. Going backwards means giving in to sin. You are being beckoned by the things of your past life. They call to you loudly. Their voices are most clear when you are headed in a direction where you can’t see what is next. You are not able to see around the corner or down the road. So what happens, fear sets in. Instead of running to Jesus, your fear drives you back to where you are comfortable and invites you to stay.

People that take detours do not fully grasp the fact that Jesus wants a relationship with you. They have intellectual knowledge of Jesus, memorized some verses, know the easy answers may have went on a mission trip or served in VBS or other ministry. But because they do not have a real relationship with Jesus, they are easily distracted to their detriment by things that are new, bigger, brighter, flashier, shinier, and makes more noise.

They often say things such as, “I have tried Jesus. Now I want to try this.”
They will leave the church but not leave Jesus. What they don’t know is they cannot leave what they never had.

Jesus is more than an idea, concept, or figment of your imagination. He is the King of Kings and every believer’s Lord and Savior.

Sometimes these people come back to Jesus. Sometimes they go backwards.

Jesus wants you to move…forward.

If you are in the same place spiritually that you were six months ago, a year ago, five years ago, it is not Jesus’ fault. It is yours.

It is not Jesus that moves backwards.
It is not Jesus that takes detours.
It is not Jesus that is standing still, complacent, or stagnant.

You do not have to constantly be looking where you are going because Jesus leads the way. You do not always need to know the end or where you think your ultimate destination is.

Jesus is your destination.
The One who you are walking with is also your destination.

Your ultimate destination is not about your next house, your business, what your next degree is going to be, your kids, your marriage, or what country you might plant a church in.

The goal of the Christian life is Jesus. We are called to be conformed to the image of Jesus. We are to:
love like Jesus
act like Jesus
speak like Jesus
think like Jesus
imagine like Jesus
care like Jesus
hate what Jesus hates
have compassion as Jesus has compassion
sacrifice like Jesus
die to our self like Jesus died
Jesus wants you to be so in relationship with Him that:
it consumes you
it permeates you
it overtakes you

It’s all about Jesus.

I have heard that Jesus was never in a hurry. I slightly disagree.

There was an urgency and an angst to His message and His methods. Everything Jesus did served a purpose – the glory of God.

Can you say that your life right now, today glorifies God?

Jesus is on a mission to draw people to Him and reconcile them and put them in community to learn how to be conformed to His image.

Are you living as the missionary that God created you to be?
Are you on Jesus’ mission?

If you are not walking, with Jesus – you cannot say that you are truly following Jesus.

I encourage you today to not be concerned with where you are going but be consumed by the One you are walking with – Jesus.