The Bucket List

Pic from Flickr by Penti II.

Pic from Flickr by Penti II.

It seems as if more and more people are creating bucket lists these days. You know, a top ten or top twenty list of things that you have to do before you die.

There is not a problem with the bucket list but I believe that the idea of the bucket list can be redeemed. Let me show you what I mean.

Bucket lists usually contain ideas of daring feats or traveling to amazing places such as:


  • skydiving
  • traveling to Australia
  • bungee jumping
  • swimming with dolphins
  • traveling to Hawaii
  • eating at every Food Network chefs’ restaurants
  • climbing Mount Everest
  • traveling to Ireland
  • traveling to different cities based on food or coffee
  • opening a business
  • writing a book

When Jesus saves you, the Holy Spirit begins to change you so that you look less like you and more like Jesus. Your passions, thoughts, imagination, desires, actions, habits – everything that makes you who you are begins to change.

What if we left some of the things on our bucket list alone because they are just fun or calling us out of our comfort zone like bungee jumping?

Then we looked at our list and saw that there were certain items on it that could be used to glorify God.

We could open a business that glorified God and practiced sound and ethical business practices.

We could write a book, either fiction or non-fiction that pointed people to Jesus.

Traveling to Australia or Ireland could be a mission trip where you not only point people to Jesus but you enjoy having fun at the same time.

We want to be good stewards of the life that Christ has given us.

2 Corinthians 5:14 says that the love of Christ controls us. We want to be a people that are driven by faith and love that comes from the overflow of joy that is our relationship with Jesus.

Jesus doesn’t just change how we do something. He also changes why we do something.

When Jesus changes us, He includes our motives.

Because it is all about Jesus, may the glory of God be the reason that drives us to live our life to the fullest.

Are you driven by faith and love that comes from the overflow of joy that comes from having a real relationship with Jesus?