FaithPoint Weekly Update

Pic from Flickr by phatcontroller.

Pic from Flickr by phatcontroller.

This weekend, we will continue our series in the book of Genesis. We will be going through Genesis 6. There are going to be some things that we look at that can be applied for spiritual application.

We are going to look at the world in Noah’s time and how the Bible says that Noah walked with God in the midst of sin and corruption. The sad part of chapter six is that it says that every intention of every heart was wicked.

We are going to look at the calling that was given to Noah. Through this we will see the following:

  • God calls you
  • God equips you
  • God directs you

When you are obedient to God, there is no limit to how He can use you.

I am excited for this Sunday. I am always excited to spend time with my FaithPoint family.

I encourage you to invite people and bring family and friends this week. We want to see people come to the realization that God does not just call you to a work and then abandon you. God, as the Potter, takes you, the clay, and molds you and shapes you for the work that He has created you to accomplish.

When life and service seems to be routine and dull, it is easy to get discouraged and distracted. It is even easier to doubt that you are doing what God has called you to do.

You do not need to fear. You need more of Jesus.

We need to pray that God would lead us to a place of constant awe and wonder of Him and who He is. May we never lose sight of that.

I hope that you have a great weekend and that you are just as excited as I am about meeting with our church family!

I love you FaithPoint.


Pastor Jimmy