Notes for FaithPoint

Pic from Flickr by Nick Gandolfi.

Pic from Flickr by Nick Gandolfi.

Our text for this sermon comes from Genesis 6.

We are going to examine the life of Noah and see how his example is applicable to us today.

The title of this sermon is: Finding Favor With God Makes You A Freak To The World.

vs 1-2 Some people say that the sons of God are fallen angels. I do not hold to that belief because there is nothing in Scripture that would lead us to believe that angels or demons could marry and have children.

This is what I believe: Because God said that Jesus was going to come from one of Adam’s children, Satan had to attempt to corrupt the race and mix things up so that the race was so wicked and corrupted that the Messiah could not come to redeem man.  How did this happen?

The sons of God refer to godly people and the daughters of man refer to the ungodly people. What begin to happen was that godly people and ungodly people got married. The more this happened, the less of a chance there would be for salvation to come to the earth.

vs 3 God was sick of the wickedness and rebellion of the human race. He put into place a marker. No man would live past 120 years.

vs 4 There has been much speculation as to who or what the Nephilim were. Some people believe that they are demons. Some people believe they are giants. Based on the word being used in other parts of Scripture, both of those views are wrong.  They were wicked warriors and they did nothing to seek after or please God. They are partially responsible for the the violence and corruption on the earth.

Years are passing. Wickedness upon wickedness. Rebellion upon rebellion.

vs 5-7 The wickedness of man was great. Every intention: literally all of the imagination, passion, motives, thoughts, actions and desires were evil. Constantly.

What does it mean that God was “sorry?”

Man’s response toward God was evil. Consistent and constant evil. God was not sorry in the sense of how we think of the word sorry. Sorry is a human expression and must be understood so as not to reflect on the honor, glory and character of God.

God does not make mistakes. God is never sad, doubtful, uneasy, anxious, stressed, or worried. What Moses is trying to convey by writing that God is sorry is the just and holy displeasure against sin and those sinners. When God says, he will destroy them, he is preparing to use the flood as a means of pouring out His wrath on the unrighteous.

Sin is the most disgusting, vile, foul, thing that displeases God. If God could get sick – it would be like you when you are sick, when you feel so bad that you think you are dying and then you throw up and you have to brush your teeth because you still have that horrific taste in your mouth. You cannot eat or drink anything because it will still taste like vomit.

Sin is that disgusting to God and those people ran to it, they delighted in it, they made it their ultimate goal to take pleasure in it instead of enjoying fellowship with their Creator.

vs 8 Noah found favor in God’s sight.

When all the world was displeasing to God, Noah was distinguished with a mark of favor from God. This shows that the heart and character of Noah was pleasing to God. Noah was a vessel of grace when the rest of the world was a vessel of God’s wrath.

Most likely Noah was rejected by the world.

vs 9 Noah walked with God.

You cannot find favor with God and find favor in the world. You cannot play both sides. You cannot be a friend of God and a friend with this world.

Noah walked with God, as a sheep walks with his shepherd. He was in fellowship and communion with God. Noah was diligent to conform himself to the will of God. Today, we would say, Noah was diligent to conform himself to the image of Jesus.

As a daddy and his child, God looks down on you with favor when you look up to him with faith.

Noah was most likely alone. He could not have conversations with others because they were not on the same page. Noah only had God and his wife to talk with.

vs 10-13 God determines to wipe man off the planet.

God’s wrath is definite and quick.

Why would God flood the earth and not use the angel with the flaming sword or hurl rocks from the sky?

God chooses the rod with which he will correct disobedient and rebellious children or God chooses which sword He will use to cut off His enemies.

vs 14-21 The building of the ark.

God called Noah

God equipped Noah

God directed Noah


God calls you.

God equips you.

God directs you.

vs 22 Noah did all that God commanded him.

Look at the faith that Noah had. It took 100 years for Noah to build the ark. Noah did not give up, tap out, or throw in the towel. Noah had the faith in God to trust God that God would do just as He said.

When you are obedient to God, there is no limit to how God can use you!

Let it be said of us that we did all that God commanded us.