Notes for FaithPoint

Pic from Flickr by dowdyism.

Pic from Flickr by dowdyism.

The text for this sermon comes from Genesis 7.

The title of this sermon is: The Gift of Salvation Saves Us From the Wrath of God.

There are qualifications to being delivered from the wrath of God.

vs 1 You must be found righteous by God. You can only be made righteous by the blood of Jesus which was poured out on the cross.

vs 2-16 The flood comes. God’s wrath is poured out as judgment on sin.

vs 17-24 Every person and animal that was not on the ark was destroyed. They drowned to death.

Drowning impairs your respiratory system. The victim is submerged under water and because of the force or the pressure of the water, they cannot breathe.

A person that is drowning is unable to scream or call for help because they cannot obtain air. The body kicks into survival gear and tries to fight to stay alive or resist drowning until the person is overcome and the body stops moving.

Drowning is quick and silent.

Noah and his family were delivered from this judgment of sin. Why?

Noah walked with God.
Noah did not just know what to do – He did it.

Noah intentionally pursued a relationship with God.

Now Jesus compares what the world will be like when He returns to what the world was like in Noah’s day. Luke 17:26-27

What is the world like right now in the time that we are living in?

People are working, going to the movies, having sex, collecting things that serve no purpose, pursuing money, getting married, raising kids, digging a grave of debt trying to chase the American dream and they die.

Violence and war are becoming more prevalent. Pastors are being shot in the pulpit. Schools are being remodeled with bullets. Sex trafficking affects every city in the world. We live in a day where the church is disconnected from the city they live in.

Why do kids go to school and not have shoes? Why are there kids who cannot afford to eat at school everyday?

I know what you are thinking.

Their parents should file to be on welfare.
There are government programs to help with things like that.

Do you know how jacked up that mindset of thinking is?

The government is not responsible to do the job that God called the church to do!

Acts 2:42-47

There is coming a day unlike any other. On that day, you will lose your opportunity to build relationships with lost people. You will lose the ability to serve the people in your city. You will not be able to share the gospel.

Revelation 14:9-11

A relationship with Jesus is the only thing that will save people from the coming wrath of God.

Where is the church?
Where are the seed planters?
Where are the disciples that are intentionally pursuing Jesus?
When is the church going to be the hands and feet of Jesus?

How long do our cities have to wait for you to stop chasing after the American dream, to stop chasing money and toys?
How long do our cities have to wait for you to seeking in your spouse, kid, friends, what can only be found in Jesus?
How long do our cities have to wait for you to be filled with a righteous discontent and be angry at the state of injustice in our world?
How long do our cities have to wait for you to be filled with compassion so that you will go and love them like Jesus did?
How long do our cities have to wait for you to be wrecked by Jesus? It is only when you are truly wrecked by Jesus that you will intentionally pursue Jesus and in addition to pursuing Jesus, you will love and serve your cities.

Jesus did not save you so that you could be selfish and never reach out, serve, or share the gospel with anyone.

When Jesus comes back there will be no announcement. There will be no tweet, or Facebook invite.

The ark was Noah’s salvation from the wrath that was poured out in his day. Jesus is your salvation from the wrath that God is going to pour out that is yet to come.

Jesus is the better ark.

Those that are in Jesus are secure.
Those that are in Jesus are safe.
Those that are in Jesus have peace and rest.

If you are not a disciple, I implore you to know Jesus today. I want you to know what it is like to have a relationship with Jesus, to be overwhelmed by His love and drown in His grace.

If you are a disciple, I encourage you to: Be today who Jesus has called you to be. You will only live like who Jesus called you to be when you believe you are who Jesus called you to be.

Go messenger of the gospel. Go with urgency and angst and tell people of the salvation that only comes from Jesus. Speak with love and compassion.

Go and be obedient.
Go and be the church.
Go and plant the seeds of the gospel.

The results are up to God.