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Pic from Flickr by Guudmorning!

Pic from Flickr by Guudmorning!

Our text for this sermon comes from Psalm 119:10-16 and Matthew 13:44.

The title of this sermon is: Jesus Our Treasure

We all want things of some sort of value in this life. Often times we settle for things of lesser value instead of buying things that will retain their value or increase in value over time.

Cheap sunglasses vs. Oakley sunglasses

All my life, I have had cheap sunglasses. Sunglasses from the dollar store, Wal-Mart, the gas station…most of these places sell sunglasses that cost $10 or less.

When something happens to the cheap sunglasses – the pin falls out, the lens comes out, the coating comes off, we excuse the poor quality because of the cheap price. Then we go out and buy another pair of cheap sunglasses.

We do not even take care of the cheap sunglasses. We throw them into the car, let them fall into the floor, shove them into an overpacked glove compartment, toss them on the table or nightstand. We are not even serious about finding them because they are cheap. We just write it o and act like it is no big deal because again; they are cheap.

For our tenth anniversary, my wife gave me a pair of Oakley sunglasses. I have wanted a pair of Oakley sunglasses since before Ryan Sheckler first skated in the X-games. There is a bigger price to pay if you want a pair of Oakleys. Oakleys range in price from $100 to over $150.  That might seem like a lot for a pair of sunglasses.

What do you get for that price?

Innovation, creativity, state of the art design and technology, and a lifetime warranty are standard on every pair they make. If the pair that I have ever gets broken or the lenses ever scratch, Oakley will give me another pair for free.

However, because I know the value of them, I take better care of them. I don’t throw them in the car, they do not get stuffed in an already full glove compartment or in the pocket in between the seats. They get a special place and they are the only thing that goes into that space.

Psalm 119:10-16

vs. 10 David is literally singing about the treasure he has found in God.

What do we see here in David?

David tells God that he is seeking him with his whole being. His will, character, thoughts, habits, actions, imagination – everything that makes David David is what he is using to seek God.

He tells God that he wants Him to keep him from wandering. David knows Scripture and David must know a little about what Jeremiah wrote or he would not have said what he said here. Jeremiah 17:9 says, “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately sick.”

Because the heart is sick and wicked, David knows that his heart will lead him astray from the things that God has for him. So, David asks God to keep him from wandering from Scripture.

vs. 11 Two questions appear here. 1. How does David store God’s Word? 2. Why does David store God’s Word?

To store God’s Word inside of you; you have to know it. To know it, you have to study it. To study it, you have to read it or hear it.

You can throw up the excuse that you do not have time. And that is exactly what I said it was…an excuse.

The Bible is available in many different formats.

  • CD or audiobook

  • Online

  • Phone and Tablet Apps

  • E-Reader

  • MP3

  • Waterproof Bible

You can make time. It is about your priorities.

The only person that can keep you from spending time in God’s Word is you.

You will study/read the Bible when you find Jesus valuable.

Matthew 13:44

The reason that the man sold all he had was not because he wanted the field. He could care less about the field. He wanted what was in the field. So, because what was in the field was valuable to him, he sold everything and bought the field.

Do you find Jesus valuable?

Are you willing to trade all you have for Jesus? Your passions, desires, will, thoughts, character, behavior, imagination, your life for Jesus.

vs. 12-16 David asks God to teach him his commandments.  David is a man that is desperate for God. He does not want to do anything that would scar the relationship that he has with God. David declares all the ways of God with his own mouth. He talks about them and shares them with other people.

Jesus is the treasure!

We will talk about Him, we will walk with Him, we will let him control our life and follow Him in obedience when we find Him to be valuable.

I don’t understand how you can say that you have a relationship with Jesus, that He is Lord and Savior of your life, that you have been redeemed by His blood that was shed on the cross, and that because of the empty tomb, you can walk in the abundance of joy that comes from knowing Him and having a relationship with Him and then stuff him with all the other crap that is in your already over stuffed glove compartment.

Anything that you treasure more than Jesus is an idol and you worship it. You cannot say that you treasure Jesus and value things more than Him. That would make you a liar.

Jesus is the treasure!

Jesus is:

  • Holy

  • Majestic

  • Awesome

  • Beautiful

  • Glorious

  • Lord

  • Savior

  • King

Jesus is our Redeemer, Creator, Sustainer, Provider.

He is a father to the fatherless.

A friend to the friendless.

He is Master.

He is Teacher

He is Everything you will ever need and

He is Enough.

Jesus is our treasure!