Notes for FaithPoint

Pic from Flickr by dowdyism.

Pic from Flickr by dowdyism.

The text for our sermon comes from Genesis 8.

The title for this sermon is: God Wants You More Than He Wants You To Accomplish The Vision He Gave You.

Noah has experienced rain. When God told Noah that he was going to flood the earth, I don’t think that Noah had a clue what was about to happen.

Rain. Torrential downpours for 40 days. You wake up to rain, go to sleep to rain, eat a sandwich to rain.

God gives us a vision a mental picture burned inside our imagination that is being sanctified. You see this picture and you are wanting to reach that picture. You want to see this picture come to fruition. So, you become intentional about structuring things in your life to reach that vision that God has given you.

I don’t know what your vision is.

It could be that God has given you the vision to:

  • go on a mission trip and build a church

  • start a business

  • get out of debt

  • eradicate poverty

  • fight sex trafficking

  • find shelter for homeless people

If your vision is not overwhelming (meaning that you need God to accomplish your vision) then you need a bigger vision.

God gives you a vision. You start to pursue the vision and then life throws you a curve ball and it begins to rain…and rain…and rain. You begin to think that your vision was a result of a late night pizza. You begin to doubt. You think God chose the wrong person for this work. You want to tell God that you did not sign up for this.

Contrary to popular belief, God does more to shape you and conform you to the image of Jesus during times of adversity and suffering than He does in times of happiness and celebration.

God is preparing you for what He has prepared for you.

vs 1 God remembered Noah.

God did not forget about Noah. Neither will God forget about you.

vs 2-14 This is where childrens’ stories start to change depending on what version of this encounter you were read.

Some stories end at the 40 days and say that Noah got off the ark right then and everything was dried up.

Bryson has a book about Noah. The book skips the whole landing on the mountain and sending out the raven.

Bryson’s book ends when the dove brings back the olive leaf.

Still not completely accurate.

vs 15-19 God opens the door to the ark. Noah could not have opened the door if he wanted to. There were no handles. By this time when God tells Noah to go out from the ark, Noah has been on the ark for 365 days. One year.

Noah was on the ark for a year! We start looking for the exit door when we go through trials for a day. A week? We are throwing in the towel. God has closed the door on our vision. He is shutting us down.

A month? God, kill me now.

A year. We cannot even comprehend what it would be like for a season of adversity to last for a year. Why? Because we are fed this crap that if we are in God’s will, we can escape suffering and adversity.

It is not about your vision as much as what God is doing in you.

Remember the whole conforming to the image of Jesus thing? If you are more concerned about your vision than you are being sanctified and changed in Jesus, God might just sacrifice your vision for you.

God wants you! He wants you way more than He wants you to accomplish that vision.

There is nothing greater than a relationship with Jesus and living this life to the glory of God. When you take your focus off of Jesus and put it solely on the vision, your vision becomes your idol and you start to worship it.

Keep your focus on Jesus. Walk in the ways of Jesus. Pursue Jesus. You will accomplish the vision God gave you because you were following Jesus.

vs 20 Noah built an altar.

We should build altars in our lives.

These altars will be memories and milestones of how God brought us through adversity and we are better for it. The altars are for sacrifice, thanksgiving, and praise.

When you look back on your life and you come across a certain place, a journal entry, a special date, it is then that you remember that God worked in your life.

Fix your eyes on Jesus

Jesus will work in you to prepare you for the fruition of your vision

Build an altar to God.