Pic from Flickr by mRio

Pic from Flickr by mRio

There comes a time in the life of a disciple where what we think we are craving is not exactly what we are experiencing.

We have created names for this experience because we are not sure what to call it. We call it things like:

  • the wilderness
  • the desert

We say things that indicate we are in this dry place. We say that we want to go deeper. We say that we are tired of the routine. We say that we know all the Sunday School answers and we have heard all the sermons.

There has to be more to the Christian life than this.

This dry place that we call the desert is more like a void. It is an empty black hole that seems to have sucked away all of our joy, passion, desire, and want to follow Jesus.

How can we break free from this dry place and experience revival? How can we experience a refreshing of joy and fellowship with Jesus?

I believe it starts with repentance.

Repentance is not a fun, sexy word. It is usually the last thing that we want to hear. Repentance means that we have to acknowledge what we don’t want to acknowledge – that deep down, at the core of who we really are, we have to admit that there is something very wrong….with us.

Being stagnant or complacent, feeling stranded in the wilderness does not come from Jesus leaving us. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The feeling of being dry or alone usually results from a lack of obedience on our part.

When you see the Christian life as you get to pursue a relationship with Jesus and less as following a bunch of rules, there is much joy to be had.


By having a relationship with Jesus, pursuing and cultivating that relationship naturally turns into you wanting to be obedient.

Have you noticed that there are some people that just look like they are always full of joy and they seem to love Jesus and have this relationship with Jesus that you have only read about in Scripture.

You can have a relationship with Jesus like that.

You have to want a relationship with Jesus. You have to want to be changed. You have to want to be obedient.

You need to be awakened.

The Bible says that the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you.

Pray that God would use the Holy Spirit to change you, to awaken a new passion and a new desire to follow passionately after Jesus and cultivate your relationship with Him.

Pray that God would awaken a desire to be obedient to Jesus and Scripture and that you would have a desire to kill sin.

Pray that God would awaken a spirit of revival within you and light a fire in you that burns brighter than the darkest night.

This awakening…this passion to be obedient and follow Jesus, it comes at a cost.

  • you will be uncomfortable
  • it will not always be easy
  • it will take time
  • you have to die to your old self, old mindsets, actions and old way of life and pursue the life Jesus has designed for you
  • you may lose friends and family members may think you are crazy

In this case, the reward of following Jesus is greater than the risk of what you might lose. It is all about Jesus.

I have decided to follow Jesus.

No turning back.

No turning back.