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Pic from Flickr by matryosha

Pic from Flickr by matryosha

Our text for this sermon comes from Genesis 11:10 – 12:4

The title for this sermon is Go!

We are in a place of transition. Moses closes out this section of Genesis with the geneology of Shem. This is important because Jesus comes from the line of Shem. It is also important because the next section of Genesis introduces us to Abram who will become Abraham. The geneology connects the pieces of the puzzle.

Genesis 11:10-32

Last week, we looked at how Paul told the Corinthians that the gospel is of first importance and how Jesus commanded us to go. It is a command, an obligation if you will. However, we should not feel forced to go. Being that every disciple is redeemed by the blood of Jesus, you should want to go. It should be your passion and desire to go.

We know that Jesus told us to go. Everywhere our foot touches the ground, to the familiar and the less desirable places, we are sent to share the message of redemptive salvation – the gospel.

So, this is not about where we should go. It is about the kind of person that goes.

Now before you walked in here today, you had already made it up in your mind whether or not you plan on being obedient to the Scripture today. You may already be thinking that you do not want to hear another sermon on going. You rank going or mission with giving. The two subjects you can’t stand to hear about. The only people that get mad about a sermon on going or giving are the same people that are not going and not giving.

If you are one of those people…may the Holy Spirit convict you until you repent…or explode.

Genesis 12:1-4

We are not introduced to Abram until he is 75 years old. 75. In our culture, 75 is past your prime, you should be playing golf, chillin in a rocking chair, playing bingo and watching Wheel of Fortune in a nursing home or dead.

75? Who would have thought that God could use anyone at the age of 75? That does not compute for us.

God can use anyone that He chooses.

We do not know anything about Abram’s childhood or anything about his life before the age of 75 except that he was born when his Father was 70. He moved once and he got married.

We are not given any information about the circumstances surrounding Abram’s call. It is not likely anything drastic happened. An angel probably did not show up and prep Abram telling him that he would be hearing the voice of God today. Most likely, he was just minding his own business and God just shows up.

Notice that God does all the talking. Abram’s only response is by getting up and going.

So what can we learn from Abram that will allow us to see with clarity the kind of person that God calls to go.

First: Going requires obedience.

God tells Abram to leave his country. His country. God continues. He tells Abram to leave his family and all that he has ever known and God will tell him when to stop because God is going to show him the land that God has already prepared for Abram.

Think about that. What would you do if God just called you to up and leave. Leave school, your career, your family, your friends, everything that makes you comfortable, everything that you know.

I doubt that most of us would obey. Why? Because we would question God to see if He was really serious. We would not immediately turn to Scripture. We would turn to Oprah, Dr. Phil or some other popular good speaker. If that did not work, we would go get advice from family and friends that do not live as if they really love Jesus. Here is the problem with that:

You have a spiritual question and instead of going to Jesus…you go to people who as far as you can tell may go to church but their life is far from reflecting that they love Jesus. Why? Why would you want to go to those people to get spiritual advice.

If you have already made the decision to not be obedient, you can find people to justify your reasons for not obeying what God has already told you to do.

If you want real answers…

You go to Jesus. You pray. You search Scripture. You talk to your pastor. You want godly, wise council. Seek people that you know love Jesus.

A disciple follows the one that they want to imitate, the one they learn from, the one that they love. A disciple is obedient.

Do what Jesus has called you to do.

Going requires faith

From what we can see in the beginning verses of Genesis 12, we get the idea that this is the first time that God has spoken to Abram.

God tells Abram to go. Abram does not have a relationship with God and God just shows up and says Go. Now God does tell Abram that He will bless him, make his name great, make from him a great nation. God also promises to bless those that bless Abram and curse those that dishonor Abram.

It requires faith to believe that God’s way is better than your way. It requires faith to take God at his Word. It requires faith to believe that God is going to make all things work together for your good. This is why you can look back and put pieces together to see how you got to where you are right now.

We don’t want to believe God. We don’t want to obey Scripture.

We want salvation without sanctification.

You want to be saved from hell but you don’t want the life of obedience, faith, conviction, pain, suffering, perseverance that comes with it. You want the redemption of Jesus without really having to conform to the image of Jesus.

You can’t have one without the other.

If you say you trust God or that you love Jesus and your life does not look like Jesus something is off with you.

Colossians 2:6

Going shows who you worship

If you are obedient or disobedient, it is shown by what you worship. If you are a disciple of Jesus, your greatest desire is to bring Him glory and be obedient to that which He has called you.

There are other things that people worship.

  • spouses

  • money

  • jobs

  • kids

  • cars

  • stuff

  • sports

All those things pale in comparison to Jesus. They are fine to be enjoyed in the way which God intended them but they are horrible as objects of worship.