All Pro Dad – A Review

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Pic from Amazon.

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All Pro Dad is a book about being a better dad. There are seven essentials given in the book for you to be a hero to your kids.

All Pro Dad is written by Mark Merrill.

First off, a dad can only lead his family to the degree that he follows Jesus. You have to follow before you can lead. The book is designed to get the fathers to think about their relationships with their wives and kids. Sit down and evaluate those relationships. Are they at the place that you really want them to be?

Relationships take work. If you want a good relationship with your family you must work on each of those relationships. You have to cultivate them. A father cannot expect his family to follow him as the leader of the home if they get the feeling that he does not want to make time for them.

Fathers are a role model for their children whether they want to be or not. Every kid will form an opinion about their father whether favorable or unfavorable.

A dad has to know where he is going in life in order for him to be able to lead his family there.

The book does well engaging readers with questions that every father thinks about but may not have answers for.

What are you chasing after? Are you chasing after Jesus or following your heart and desires?

How does your wife and kids know that you love them?

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? How do you want your kids to remember you?

The end of every chapter has huddle questions. These questions are designed for you to think about them and engage in conversations with your kids.

You can be a good dad. Let your kids see that you have a relationship with Jesus and then point your kids to Jesus.

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