Notes for FaithPoint

Pic from Flickr by Krissy.Venosdale

Pic from Flickr by Krissy.Venosdale

Our text for this sermon comes from Genesis 12:10-20.

The title for this sermon is Trust in the Lord.

Just because Abram was obedient to God at the beginning of chapter 12 did not remove him from sufferings or bad circumstances.

There was a famine in the land. Abram could have stayed where he was but he would not live long in a land with no food. Abram packs his bags and heads off for Egypt.

Abram has been trusting in the providence of God for but for some reason doesn’t trust God with his marriage. So, Abram devised a plan to deceive the Egyptians and deceive Pharaoh. Now Abram’s plan is a lie. For this to work, his wife and all of the people that are with him have to be in on this fictional story. If one person tells the truth, the lie doesn’t work.

Abram should have known better. He was the leader. His wife and all his servants looked to him for guidance and direction.

Abram is afraid. Abram’s fear clouds his ability to make clear decisions. Abram is afraid that if the Egyptians find out that he is married, then they will kill him and take his wife.

Abram fails to realize that if God can lead him where to go, God can take care of him in a foreign country regardless of the circumstances.

Look at how many people are involved in Abram’s sin. The lie is covered by Abram, Sarai, and the servants who lie to the Egyptian people, army, guards, and Pharaoh.

Abram must not have thought well about this because his wife was still taken to Pharaoh.

Abram had to concoct this lie and get everybody in on it and they sinned with him. All because he failed to trust God.

You can’t trust God with one area of your life and not trust him with all of it. It doesn’t work that way. It is either all or nothing.

You either trust God with all of your life or you don’t.

God expects nothing less than 100% intentional obedience and 100% trust from his disciples.

Christians want to do this whole gradual process with trusting God to kind of test the water. They want to make sure that God isn’t trying to pull something on them. Why do you want there to be a gradual process with trusting God? There was no gradual process with your salvation.

Statistics show that the last area of life that a Christian starts to let God have is their finances. Again…if you don’t trust God with your money, you don’t trust God at all.

If you really trusted God as much as you say you did, it would change everything.


  • It would change how you pray

  • It would change how you engaged lost people

  • It would change how you gave to the church

  • It would change how you shared the gospel

  • It would change your relationships

  • It would change how you think

  • It would change your reasons for why you do something

  • It would change you

Your trust in God is related to your level of obedience.

Your trust in God is related to your level of faith

Your trust in God is related to your level of joy.

It does not matter what you are going through when it comes to trusting God. Your circumstances do not determine your faith. Your faith determines your reaction to your circumstances. You can trust God no matter what the situation.

If you do not trust God, why? Where has God ever failed you?

The answer to that is….He has not ever failed you.

God is all sovereign and his plans are always perfect whether we like them or not. God does not need to consult us to see if his plans are fine with us.

He is God.

Pharaoh is very just in his rebuke of Abram. Abram had deceived him. Lied to him. Pharaoh should have killed Abram. God allowed Pharaoh to have grace and let Abram leave.

What else is it going to take for you to fully trust God? Why don’t you just fully trust God instead of wrestling with him for control over your life? Why don’t you stop trying to get God to jump through hoops for you.

God raised Jesus from the dead. God has nothing to prove to you, yet he deserves 100% intentional obedience and your full trust in him.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trusting in Jesus with your whole heart means with your whole being. With everything in you, with everything that makes you who you are – you trust Jesus.

The more you trust Jesus, the more you become a disciple.

The more you become a disciple, the more you look like Jesus.

Dying to yourself

Abiding in Jesus

Walking in Jesus

Those all depend on you trusting Jesus.

If you do not fully trust Jesus – you do not understand the gospel. It is because of the gospel that you are able to trust Jesus.

Galatians 2:20

You are crucified with Christ and Christ now lives in you. Because Jesus took your sin upon himself at the cross and gave you his righteousness means that you have no reason not to trust Jesus with your whole life.

Trust in the Lord with your whole being. Lean not on your own understanding or illusion of control. In all your ways be obedient to Jesus and he will direct your paths.