FaithPoint Weekly Update

Pic from Flickr by NS Newsflash

Pic from Flickr by NS Newsflash

Happy Saturday FaithPoint.

I hope that you are having a good weekend. I am praying that your hearts are filled with anticipation and expectancy of what God is going to do in our service tomorrow.

I cannot wait to meet with my FaithPoint family.

Tomorrow we will be in Genesis 13. Bring friends. It is going to be a great time as we get into Scripture together.

We are working on a new series that will start in January 2014. We are excited about what God is going to do in it. We believe it is timely and important. The series will take 10 weeks. You will not want to miss any of these weeks as this series is going to change how our church engages and impacts our city.

Part of the series will be done with video and we need a better camera. We are looking to purchase a GoPro camera. We need to raise $400 in addition to the regular giving. To help with this we have come up with:

The Fast Food Fast.

Beginning the first week of August, we are going to pass out jars for you to take home with you. We are going to ask that you fast from fast food. When you want something such as a burger or taco, we ask that you would take what you would normally spend and put that in the jar. However, if you do go buy a burger, we ask that what you spend you would take that same amount and put in the jar.

The first Sunday in October we will collect the jars and celebrate what God has done in our church.

I look forward to being with you tomorrow.

Pastor Jimmy