Leaders Are Readers

Today’s post is written by John Roland. I met John at an Alumni lunch for Luther Rice University. I believe you will find his post both encouraging and applicable for your context.
Pic from Flickr by doozer4200

Pic from Flickr by doozer4200

I try to read constantly and I am always interested in studying leaders. I love reading about US Presidents and love reading leadership books. I am a work in progress as a leader. I try to study leaders and learn from them. I take notes, journal what I am learning, and try and apply it. Here are some lessons I have collected in 2013.

  • You will FAIL if you are not approachable, humble, and available as a leader.
  • Accountability is key for people as well as churches. If the Pastor has does not report to elders or deacons, watch out he is setting himself up for failure.
  • If a church does not have elders and/or deacons, they will run into serious trouble. 1 Timothy 3 is clear on how a church should be structured.
  • Release and multiply your ministry. God brings people to churches and church leaders need to trust and release the ministry to them.
  • If a minister has not set himself/herself aside and gone to seminary for preparation, I am leery of following them.
  • Communication is key to building trust within a church. Once ministries are adopted by the church, the church should be their biggest cheerleaders blowing the “trumpets” of communication for them to succeed.
  • A Biblical church has Elders & Ministers who visit the sick & hurting at the hospitals. See James 5:13-18.

John Roland is a husband and a dad. He is a leader at Luther Rice University and Seminary.

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