FaithPoint Weekly Update

Pic from Flickr by Valerie Everett.

Pic from Flickr by Valerie Everett.

Hey FaithPoint,

I am excited and ready to meet with you tomorrow.

We will be studying Genesis 15. In Genesis 15, we will see God call Abram to salvation.

We will also see that like Abram, God calls us to salvation.

I encourage you to bring a friend. It is going to be a great day tomorrow as we worship together as part of our FaithPoint family.

Tomorrow we will announce our Fast Food Fast.

When the service is over, you will have the opportunity to take home a Mason jar. Over the course of the next eight weeks, we are asking that you use the jars to collect spare change. Also, instead of eating fast food, we ask that you would put that amount in your jar. If you do go and eat fast food, we ask that you would take the amount that you spent on the food and put that in the jar.


To remind you of what was posted a few weeks ago….

We are going to do a new series in January. A lot of the series has to do with video. We would like a Go Pro camera. We believe it is the best quality camera for not a lot of money. We believe you will be inspired, encouraged and challenged by the videos produced with this camera.

We hope you are excited too about joining us on this challenge. The Fast Food Fast will start tomorrow and run for 8 weeks. You will bring your jar back to the church on October 6.

We are excited about the series that starts in January and we believe you will be too.

May you be filled with anticipation and expectation as you pray for God to move in our service tomorrow.

I love my church!

Pastor Jimmy