FaithPoint Weekly Update

faithpoint wallpaper 4Happy Saturday FaithPoint!

I hope you are having a great weekend and that you are looking forward to being with our church family as we worship together tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we will be in Genesis 16. I am looking forward to preaching this sermon tomorrow. The central idea is this:

Sometimes God promises us something but when he doesn’t deliver on our schedule, we try to take matters into our own hands and it gets really messy really fast.

Holding on to God’s promises also means trusting God in his timing. He is sovereign by the way.

Something else that I would like to share with you is:

We are working on some things that I would like for you to be in prayer about.

Be specifically in prayer about the series that we will start in January. We are looking forward to launching this series and we hope you are too.

We are designing new FaithPoint T-shirts. We will have them in all sizes and we will make them available for kids as well.

Tomorrow, we will celebrate with a communion service.

I look forward to being with you tomorrow.

I love my church!