Seven Men And The Secret of Their Greatness

7 Men And The Secret of Their GreatnessSeven Men And The Secret of Their Greatness is written by Eric Metaxas.

This is a review for Booksneeze.

Metaxas calls the reader to explore the definition of manhood. The subject of manhood is explored from the Bible’s perspective and contrasted with our society’s definition of manhood.

The book calls to attention two definitions of manhood (both of which are incorrect). The “macho” man is the first one discussed and it is soon realized that a man who is all talk, and strong enough to push you around is not really a man but a bully.

The next definition is the emasculated man. This man has had his manhood stripped away. He is not tough. He is not a provider or a protector. He has had his courage and bravery ripped from him.

A great man is one who is tough when he needs to be tough and gentle when he needs to be gentle. He is stern, compassionate, and kind. He has drive, boldness, passion and confidence. He is a leader.

Metaxas introduces the idea that in today’s society there are not many men who have a lifestyle worth emulating. Too many men today are corrupt, selfish, they worship themselves, they seek their own fame and glory. They have no idea what it means to sacrifice. By their definition, they have twisted what it means to be great.

The book tells us that Jesus gives us the definition of what it means to be great. Jesus said that if anyone would be great; he would need to serve others.

Seven gives us seven men who were by no means perfect but they had qualities worth imitating. These men had values, stood by their word, made a difference in the lives of others, they had courage when it was hard, they did not give up when times were most difficult. These seven men share qualities that we could share with our own sons and show them what it looks like to be a man.

The reader is drawn into relationship with George Washington, William Wilberforce and Jackie Robinson just to name a few. We see areas of weakness and strength. We see men of integrity and honor. We see men who did not tapout when things looked grim.

Seven is a great book. Metaxas does a wonderful job at carefully crafting the words so that they draw you in and you feel like you are part of these men’s lives.

This is book is for men, women and children. This book is a calling for us to grab the real meaning of manhood and teach it to our children and show them how to teach it to their children.

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