Notes for FaithPoint

FaithPoint Logo 1The text for this sermon is Genesis 21:1-8. The title of this sermon is The Promise Fulfilled.

Genesis 21:1-8

vs 1-5 God delivers on His promise. Even though it was not in Abraham’s time and it was definitely not in Sarah’s time, it was in His perfect time.

Abraham was a hundred years old when Isaac was born. He was 75 years old when God called him to leave his family and his country in chapter 12.

Download that to your hard drive.

From the time that God first called Abraham until Isaac was born was 25 years.

Why? What was going on? Why did God make Abraham wait 25 years to have a son? Can you imagine what it is like that your whole marriage that you sit back and watch your friends get married and have children. You see those children grow up and become men and women. What thoughts enter your mind? Anger? Doubt? Fear? Do you feel forgotten?

It wasn’t that God forgot. It wasn’t that he wanted to make Abraham and Sarah fear or angry?

Then what was it? The reason that it took 25 years for Abraham to receive his promised son was because it took 25 years for God to craft Abraham into the man that God needed him to be.

Back in chapter 12 – Abraham wasn’t ready to be a Daddy. It takes a special kind of man to be a Daddy. Any “guy” can be a father. Not every “guy” can be a Daddy. Abraham was not ready. He wasn’t even a decent husband and leader. There was no way that God was going to toss daddy into that mix of chaos.

In chapter 12 Abraham was willing to give his own wife away to save his own life instead of being willing to sacrifice himself for his wife. If he had done that to his wife, what would he have done to his son? You know…like when they wake up in the middle of the night and cry uncontrollably for three hours – usually between the hours of 2 and 5.

I don’t even know what happens between the hours of 2-5. I don’t usually know what is going on until the first cup of coffee; sometimes the second.

When Kristi had Bryson and we were in the hospital, I was on an extremely fast learning curve.

*Bryson is born and I did not know how to change a diaper.

*Discipline – Time out vs spanking

Telling Bryson to stop swinging on the refrigerator. Telling Luke to stop eating crayons. Telling Bryson to stop jumping off the furniture because he is not a ninja. Telling Luke to get out of the dishwasher.

God needed to craft Abraham. Think Potter and clay. God is the Potter. We are the clay.

That 25 years of crafting God did on Abraham…It made Abraham a better husband and leader. When God was ready for Abraham to be a daddy, Abraham is not the same man that he was in chapter 12. He has had 25 years of God molding and shaping him.

This is what we would call a refining process.

Where are you on that road to chasing your dreams and visions that God gave you? The reason you are not there yet is because you are not ready.

There is a process. God has to craft you into the person that He needs you to be. We call this molding and shaping.

Molding and shaping sound a lot better than refining. Why? There is nothing pretty about refining.

You might have heard about the refining process when it comes to silver or gold but that is for purifying the silver or gold. We are talking about a different type of refining.

The making of a sword:

Forging uses heat to bring the material to a malleable state. The material is then hammered to shape, typically using hammer and anvil together with specialized set and fuller tools depending on the particular technique. There are a variety of forging techniques for sword making and many variations upon those.

The iron or steel is brought in to the swordsmith’s shop. It looks nothing like a sword. The bar of iron or steel is usually square. The swordsmith gets an image in his mind of what the sword is going to look like and then he gets to work. The metal has to be heated because it is not malleable in its raw state. It is heated to such a temperature that the metal glows red. Then the swordsmith takes out his hammer and begins to hit the metal. When the metal cools off or starts to resist the hammer, the swordsmith must heat the metal again. Every time the metal is heated; it serves a purpose. Every time the hammer strikes the metal; it is done with accuracy and precision.

The swordsmith doesn’t get crazy and just bang out blows on the metal like he is getting his frustration out with a sledgehammer. He doesn’t put the sword in the fire just for kicks.

What does this have to do with us?

We are the sword! We are the metal. God is the swordsmith. He has an image in his mind what He wants you and me to look like and then He gets to work. He puts you in the fire to make you malleable and then gets to work with the hammer.

God is preparing you for what He has already prepared for you. He is crafting in you faith, boldness, patience, kindness, love, compassion, joy, confidence, toughness, gentleness. All of these are found in Jesus. Why? Because God is refining you so that you look like Jesus.

Then look what happens next. After Isaac is weaned; Isaac is probably about two or three years old.

Abraham celebrates the fact that God made good on His promise. Abraham celebrates his son. Isaac is not just a baby anymore. Abraham is saying, “This is my boy!”

Abraham throws a party. This is not a hotdogs and chips party. This is not even a KFC bucket of chicken. This is a big deal. This is grilling the best cows and buffalo. This is using the best flour to make the best bread. This is sorting out the best of the best grapes to make the choicest wine. “God has given me a son!”

In our context; being southern church culture, we are good at having an excuse to have food. We are horrible at celebration.

*A person’s salvation

*A person’s baptism

Something is wrong when you get more excited about your favorite football team scoring a touchdown than seeing the fruit of God redeeming a lost sinner.

Something is wrong when you get more excited about your favorite driver taking the checkered flag than you do seeing someone taking a stand to follow Jesus and die to their self and being raised to walk in Christ by being baptized.

If you are not moved to celebration by seeing someone saved and baptized, that says a lot about where your heart is and what you worship.

We are two weeks away from moving into our new space. Nobody is talking about it. Nobody is excited. I am ecstatic. It is not perfect. Kids will most likely sit with their friends or their parents. I know kids talk out. Consider them the Amen section. We love kids and we thank parents that bring their kids. We believe that kids can learn about Jesus at any age.

We are still trying to figure out some things. But…It is the next step in the vision of where God is taking His church.

That is something that needs to be celebrated.

We need a refreshing of the Holy Spirit to come and cause us to have spirits that celebrate in awe and joy and excitement that we serve an awesome God. If you don’t want a spirit of celebration, you just need a divine punch in the face.

God is crafting in you what He wants you to be so that you will be ready to embrace what He has for you when He takes you there but do not forget to celebrate even the small things along the way.