Daddy Has Got This

554560_10101088776954381_1102207771_nI have a one year old boy that likes to run, explore, jump, climb and just be a little boy. Sometimes, when I have finished dressing him, he likes to stand up on the changing table. He looks at me and just jumps off the changing table.

It never occurs to him that what he is doing is dangerous. It never enters his mind that he is being risky and there is a high possibility of him hitting the floor. Fear is no where around. Why? He is not afraid of falling. In his little one year old mind. There is one thing that he knows and he knows it above anything else. He knows his daddy loves him and he connects my love for him to the fact that I will not drop him. He is not afraid to jump into my arms. He is not afraid for me to catch him and swing him around and throw him in the air. Why? He thinks I am always going to catch him. He doesn’t think that I will ever let him fall. He knows his daddy has got this.

As we get older, we tend to run from pain. We fear things that may hurt us. In fact, our culture is so against risk and any chance of being hurt that dodgeball is not allowed to be played on most school playgrounds. We live our lives trying to play it safe.

We do not go on mission trips because we perceive them to be dangerous. We do not make disciples because we are afraid of people leaving us, it is inconvenient, or we might get our feelings hurt. Sharing the gospel is bad for our self esteem because we are afraid of people rejecting us.

I could tell you that when you share the gospel and someone rejects it, they are rejecting the gospel of Jesus and not you. I could tell you that when you make disciples, it’s not about you. It is not about your feelings, it is not about your self esteem, it is not about whether or not you feel uncomfortable. I could tell you that if you are truly a disciple of Jesus, you are dead to your “self.” You check your “self” at the door and proceed to walk in the authority of Christ because it is all about Jesus.

Let me ask you this question:

Do you know who your Daddy is?

No. Really?

Do you honestly believe that you are a child of God? Do you honestly believe that He created you for His glory and saved you to spend eternity in His presence? Do you believe that your Daddy owns everything and because He owns everything, He wants to share that with you? Do you believe that your Daddy has set you apart and predestined the works that He created you to accomplish?

It is very important that you know who your Daddy is.

When you know that God is your Daddy you will:

  • share the gospel
  • live on mission
  • be hospitable
  • grow in the fruit of the spirit
  • engage people in your neighborhood and community
  • make disciples
  • love your Daddy with all your being
  • love your neighbor as yourself

It matters who your Daddy is.

Your Daddy is not going to drop you. You can’t live this life apart from Him. You cannot do the work that He has called you to accomplish apart from Him. You need Him. You are held secure in your Daddy’s hands.

You have to get to the point where you realize that without Him – you are nothing and can do nothing.

That is a good place to start.

Give it all up. Your whole life. Punch fear, stress, anxiety, and worry in face.

Run, play, work, do whatever it is your Daddy has called you to. Do it with your everything. Put your all into it. Go on mission trips, love your wife, play with your kids, start a business, write a book, share the gospel, make disciples, go on mission trips, engage the people in your city.

Your Daddy has got this.