Notes for FaithPoint

FaithPoint Logo 1The text for this sermon is 1 Chronicles 4:9-10. The title of this sermon is Your Identity Is Tied To A Name.

When verses in the Bible are taken out of context – it is easy for a person to make the Bible say things that it does not say.

Think of some verses that are easily taken out of context.  For example: Philippians 4:13.

This verse does not mean that Jesus is going to give me the power to go in the parking lot and pick up cars and spin them up in the air or jump on top of the building and then jump from rooftop to rooftop. Why? Because God knows my heart. It would be very easy for me to get the glory from spinning cars up in the air.

Here is another section of Scripture that is easily taken out of context.

1 Chronicles 4:9-10

A lot of preachers would like you to believe that if you pray this prayer that Jabez prayed, God will make you rich. That is very much not the case.

Here is the problem with praying Jabez’s prayer to get rich…God knows your heart. If you are selfish, it would be stupid for God to give you more money. If you are a horrible steward of money – you run out of money before you run out of month – it would be against God’s better judgment to give you money. Nowhere in the Bible does God bless someone to be rich if they are not already financially responsible.

You have to do a little more research into what is going on here.

In the Old Testament, people believed that a name was a good indicator of how your life would play out. The name was key to your identity.

Jacob – liar, cheater, deceiver

Hagar – flight

David – beloved

Solomon – peace

Job – one persecuted

Luke – bringer of light

Micah – Who is like the Lord

Jabez’s mother named him. His name means: to bring to pass or causing pain.

Jabez’s life is destined for distraught, agony, sadness, pain unless God stepped in.

Jabez’s prayer is not about him getting rich.

vs 10

Jabez prays, knowing what his name means, that God would bless him in spite of what his name means.

Jabez’s life is tied to his name. If God blesses Jabez, or causes Jabez to prosper, God gets all the glory.

Jabez being blessed has nothing to do with Jabez and everything to do with God.

In the New Testament, your identity is still tied to a name.

Ephesians 2:1-10

For the Christian, your name is tied to Jesus.