You Will Leave A Mark

Pic from Flickr by Lyro2010

Pic from Flickr by Lyro2010

Andy Stanley once posed the question, “What kind of man is a man that does not make the world better?” Have you ever taken that question and asked yourself, “How am I making the world better?”

All of us leave a mark.

This is not about having a million Twitter followers. This is not about standing on a stage and speaking to 10,000 people. This is about you.

Specifically, what bothers you.

What is going on in the world that gets under your skin? What is out there that no matter how you try to dismiss it, it keeps coming back?

Maybe it is:

  • sex trafficking
  • homelessness
  • people that do not have clean water
  • people that live below poverty level
  • adoption

Whatever it is was given to you by God. God created us to leave a mark. God created us to impact the lives of others especially the lives of those closest to us.

The best thing about this is that God created us for His glory and He predestined us to accomplish works that He designed for us before He created the world. When you are led and guided by the Holy Spirit, your life is in the hands of the Potter. You are God’s responsibility.

There is a danger. It is easy to get too caught up about our level of influence or the kind of mark we are going to leave on the world. Do not sacrifice your relationship with God, your relationship with your wife, kids or your church because you are too obsessed over your mark. The kind of mark you leave on this planet is not worth your life.

You must remain submitted to God in all things. If you expect to lead anyone, you must be a follower of Jesus. To the degree that you are submitted to Jesus, is to the degree that people will submit to you.

People don’t follow what you say as much as they follow what you do.

You will never truly know the mark you make. You will never be able to know the extent of your influence.

May you never lose focus.

Keep your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.

Follow Jesus.

Go and make disciples.

Lead well.