IMG951251Last night, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend my 20 year high school reunion. I was especially happy to be able to introduce my wife to my friends.

The reunion committee did an amazing job at putting the event together. The venue was a country club that overlooks a lake and golf course. The fire pit was alive with flames that illuminated the conversations that were shared around it. The event did not lack for food or drink.

There seemed to be an endless supply of salad, breadsticks, steak, pasta, a chocolate fountain, and whatever beverage you wanted to satisfy your thirst.

All of that is fine. However, five or ten years from now, I will not remember the venue, the fire pit, the music, or the food.

There is one thing that I will remember and it will be worth treasuring for years to come.

The stories that people told

Stories are a picture, a snapshot of a person’s life. They provide a small window into a much bigger story.

I enjoyed just being able to sit and listen as people talked about their jobs, where they lived, their kids, trips they had taken, and how they got to where life has them now.

Everyone has a story

Stories are meant to be shared. You have no idea how your story might encourage, challenge or inspire the person listening to you. The stories shared last night were by no means an exact documentary of what has happened to people over the last 20 years but they were meaningful nonetheless.

Stories cultivate and restore relationship

When a person tells their story, you are instantly transported into their life even if only for a moment. The stories told help you to remember the relationship you had with the person even if it was 20 years ago. The stories are told from a first person perspective. They cause you to laugh and cry. The stories pull people, separated by time, together and put them on the same page.

Your story is meant to be shared

Some people feel as if their story has no value. That is far from the truth. To you, your story may sound dull, or boring. However, you never know whose life will be impacted just because you shared your story.

If I may encourage you with one thing today it would be this:

Share your story, you never know how God will use it to influence another person’s life.