Fourteen Books to Read in 2014

Pic from Flickr by doozer4200

Pic from Flickr by doozer4200

I am a big believer that just because you graduate from high school or college does not mean that you have to stop growing. The fact is that after graduation, you have to take the responsibility and the initiative to continue to grow. There will not be a test. There will not be a report card.

Growth must be intentional. You have to want it. When you decide to walk down the path of growing, you will more than likely run into these things:

  • You will wrestle with some things
  • New ideas will be presented to you
  • You will be challenged
  • You will be made to think

I like to challenge FaithPoint to grow. I believe that God has more for us to learn and accomplish. We need to learn as much as we can so that we can grow into maturity as disciples of Jesus.

Books are a good way to grow. Here is a list of 14 books to read in 2014:

  1. To Live Is Christ To Die Is Gain -Matt Chandler
  2. The Circle Maker – Mark Batterson
  3. A Call To Resurgence – Mark Driscoll
  4. How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life – Dr. Gregory R. Frizzell
  5. Limitless Life – Derwin L. Gray
  6. Creature of the Word – Matt Chandler
  7. Running Scared – Edward L. Welch
  8. A Quest For More – Paul David Tripp
  9. For The City – Darrin Patrick and Matt Carter
  10. Who Do You Think You Are – Mark Driscoll
  11. Multiply – Francis Chan
  12. Start – Jon Acuff
  13. Jesus Is _____ – Judah Smith
  14. Jesus > Religion – Jefferson Bethke