The Pitch You Never Saw Coming

Pic from flickr by stidlundphotos

Pic from flickr by stidlundphotos

Have you ever had life throw you a curveball? We like to use this saying when we have a hiccup, an obstacle, an unforseen delay.

In the world of baseball, there are pitches such as the fastball and curveball that if judged correctly, can be knocked out of the park. There are other pitches that are harder to read and if you misjudge them, you may strikeout. There is one pitch that batters have a tremendously hard time hitting. There is one pitch that even catches the umpire off guard. This pitch is even neglected by most pitchers because of the difficulty in throwing it.

It is called the knuckleball.

The knuckleball has little to no spin on it. It kind of just floats in the air and then ambushes you. Batters cannot judge the direction because it can suddenly change or even corkscrew in mid-flight. It is the pitch you never want to see. It jumps and is erratic at times.

What happens when life throws you a knuckleball?

It sneaks up on you and takes you by surprise. It has the potential to send you in a tailspin or completely derail you.

Need an example?

Yesterday, I was made aware that my mom has ovarian cancer. Yep. Knuckleball.

I am thankful that my mom knows Jesus.

I was told growing up that I had been going to church nine months before I was born. I cannot remember a time when my parents did not take me to church. I am very thankful that my parents loved Jesus and loved me enough to take me with them when they went to church.

At the hospital, my mom asked me to pray for her. My wife, sister, dad, mom, and I were able to join hands in that room. I prayed for God to use this time of suffering in her life to draw people to Jesus. We prayed for my mom’s healing but we also prayed that God would use this situation however He saw fit to bring Himself glory.

We have a long road ahead of us but we are willing to follow wherever God leads.

Have you ever had life throw you a knuckleball?

How did you handle it?