Notes for FaithPoint

FaithPoint Logo 1This is the last week in our series: God of This City.

The title of this sermon is God of This City: What people say about Christians.

Our text for this sermon is James 1:22-25

Our hearts do not break for lost people. We are not prone to weeping for those who live their lives with no hope.

Something is wrong in us if we have been wrecked and redeemed by Jesus and do not care if the lost ever hear the name of Jesus.

This apathy for the lost in our churches comes from us failing to make disciples or people that think they are Christians who are only playing church.


This results in:

  • people that believe they have “fire insurance”

  • churches not making disciples that make disciples

  • people that are easily shaken and walk away from church and their “faith”

  • people that do not see an angst or an urgency to share Christ with the lost

  • people that do not join churches, they do not have a faith family – they roam to have their felt needs met

  • people become passive in their faith – Jesus and church do not impact their lives or influence their decisions in how they live their lives from week to week

  • people do not care about how they influence others – pointing them to Jesus or pointing them to hell


This is what people in our city think about Christians:


  • People believe that you can be a Christian the same way you can be Muslim, Buddhist, Wicca, or any other religion because they believe that all religions ultimately lead to the same place because they all worship the same God

  • Christians are hypocrites

  • A person chooses their religion, their religion does not choose them

  • Christians do not live out what they say they believe

  • A Christian is someone who believes God died for them

  • A Christian is someone who follows God’s Word

  • A person’s life should not be completely dictated by their religion

  • A Christian seeks to passionately honor Christ


James 1:22-25

Forget what you look like? You know, you went and Chinese food for lunch and you are in a hurry to make it back to your meeting and you run into the bathroom to make sure you look good for the meeting. You get to the meeting and you forgot to remove the broccoli from your teeth.

People in our city do not see a need for Jesus. It is highly probable this is due to the fact that they do not really see Christians as different from themselves. Why should they? Thousands of people in our city go to church every Sunday. They hear the Word preached, they even take notes. They do not DO WHAT IT SAYS!

The divorce rate is the same for Christians as non-Christians

People in the church are just as addicted to porn, lust, sex as non-Christians

People in the church are homophobic, judgmental, liars, prejudiced, racist, political, intolerant…so are non-Christians.

People in the church have sex outside of marriage just as much if not more than non-Christians.

People in our city do not see a need for Jesus because the people in our churches do not see a need for Jesus.


From an outsider’s perspective; people in our churches:


  • are not bold and confident, they are shy and cowardly

  • hold to any authority except the Bible’s authority

  • put their hope in their paycheck rather than Jesus

  • are not chasing after Jesus because they are too busy chasing after stuff

  • waste their time going to church because they are not applying what they are supposedly learning

Our priorities are jacked up. They are just wrong.

The time for lifelong baby Christians is over. The time for a person to be saved and never mature into passionate, devoted disciples is over. We need to be disciples that make disciples that make disciples!

Being a disciple starts with DOING what Jesus says.

Being a disciple is more than posting a Bible verse on Facebook.

By the way, stop with the pictures about Jesus and the devil. Jesus does not care if you like the picture or skip it and scroll right past it.

Jesus does care if we are obedient.

Obedience to Jesus and what Jesus has commanded us is the highest virtue of a disciple.


Obedience to Jesus:


  • helps us to abide in Christ

  • helps us to live by faith and not by sight

  • helps us to be bold and confident in Jesus

  • helps us to see Jesus is enough

  • grow in the fruit of the Spirit

  • love God with all our heart, soul, and mind and love our neighbor as ourselves

  • sharing the gospel, telling people about Jesus, and sharing our story with lost people

The fact that we have been disobedient and heard the Word and have not been doing what it says, should grieve us to the core of our spirit.

Conforming to the image of Jesus has everything to do with obedience.

Acts 17:26

God has chosen this time for you to live, be saved, love others, make disciples, and grow more and more to the image of Christ.

God has chosen this time and place for you to be obedient to Jesus.